Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


4. The Streets......

 Harrys P.O.V



  As we walked out of the hotel their was so much paparazi and fans, paul and the other security guards had to walk us throught a back alley for our saftey. Amanda had asked me if this is what we go through everyday. i anwsered by nodding my head, i also said its nice to be famous but it gets really crazy most of the time. its fun meeting millions of fans but its heckdick. Amanda was like Omg! how do you deal with this? Me and all the boys shrugged. We had finally got out of the Ally and were on the main streets where all the shops are. We walked into a jareds jewelry because Lindsey had saw something she wanted to check out. We all walked in and danielle pulled me over to the rings. she had saw one that she wanted to check out. it had a little diamond studd on it. and was silver, it was $1,125.98. it was way to much. She had walked over to lindsey to see what she wanted. i asked the jeweler if i could buy this ring he gave me a box and i went over to Danielle. i tapped her and got down on one knee.


"Danielle, i know this is really soon.....But will you Go out with me?"


She looked shocked and screamed ''YES!!!!" and gave me a hug. i put the ring one her and we


 Danielles P.O.V



 I was soo happy!! Harry Styles had just Asked me out......My friends all pulled out their phones and went on Facebook to post that i was going out with Harry Styles! When tapped me and when i turned around i thought he was just joking but HE ASKED ME OUT!! We walked out of the Jareds and i was wereing the ring Harry had bought me, And we were holding hands. We went in the next 4 stores and then turned around to go back to the hotel. I wanted to go into the Hotub and so did everyone except Lindsey, Louis, Mikayla And Zayn. they all wanted to go back to the hotel rooms. We finally got back and got changed into our bathing suits. Harry, Liam, Niall came to get us. We went down to the pool and no one was their, Lucky for us. We all piled into the hotub and i sat on harrys lap and so everyone else had their own seats. Niall was making everyone laugh. He was making fun of all the boys in a funny way! We all were in their for about 30 minutes talking about the most Random topics! It was almost lunch time and I wanted to go to Subway. Harry wanted to spend some alone time with me, so we walked to subway since it was down the street. We were half way their and Harry all of a sudden stopped. I asked ''Whats Wrong" he said im missing something. I was confused he had his wallet, sunglasses, and his phones. What else could he be missing? He turned to me and said "Im missing my kiss, ive been waiting all day and havent gotten it!" I leaned in to kiss him, We were kissing and i saw a flash. It was paparazi harry. Yelled "get Outta My Kitchen!!" i laughed and we started walking to subway. we just walked in, Me and harry were going to share a medium sub with Turkey, Lettuce, tomato, and mayo. we sat down to eat and some fans walked up.


"OMG its Harry Styles!! Can we have your auto graph??"


he replied "Sure anything for fans"


They asked who i was and harry said this is my girlfriend, Danielle. They also asked for a picture with me and him. we took the picture and began eatting. I said "let me guess were going to be on the front cover of a magazine? in a joking way. he laughed and said you never know. we ate and i asked him " Why me? theirs millions of other girls why did you chose me?" he said " you looked so beautiful and when i asked you to go to dinner you didnt freak out like other girls would. And you get me, like what i go through every day and you have a great personallity, smart, pretty, funny, nice, everything i want in a girl." i blushed and said "Aww, really?" he said "Yes." we finshed our sub and walked back to the hotel just in time for the boys to go to rehearsal for tomarrow.

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