Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


11. Shopping

Harrys P.O.V


we walked into the mall and Danielle wanted to go into victoria secret, ite sounded good to me! she lead me to the yoga pants and sweatpants and booty shorts. she picked out at least 10 pairs and went to go try them on. we went to the dressing room and the lady said i had to wait out here only one person in at a time. Danielle walked into the dressing room to try things on. i walked out looking around and i went to the bras. it was alittle awkward looking through them but i didnt care. i found a couple and i brought them back to give to danielle. she opened the door and i handed them to her and she just looked at me. she had pink sweatpants on and it said Pink in black down the leg and victoria secret under neath. she walked in and tried on ALOT more stuff.


*30 minutes later*


She finally was done shopping in their.


Danielles P.O.V


i was done in Pink and i got 2 yoga pants, 4 sweatpants, 2 booty short, 1 crop legging, and 1 yoga legging for pants and i got 6 jackets all diffrent colors and 10 shirts to match my outfits Harry also picked out lacey underwear and bras. That came out to be $415.19. i told harry ill pay for half and he said "im not going to let you pay i told you ill buy clothes for you. We both got our hair trimmed by Lou Teasdale, the boys hair/makeup stylist and she put acrylics on my nails. I thanked her and Harry. it was now 8:00 and we got in a cab to go back to the hotel Harry called paul and asked if there were fans their, he said theres only a couple so its safe to have not body guards. i thanked harry again and he said "anytime babe im glad your the one that gets these clothes because i can really see a furture with you." while wrapping his arms around me. "Me too." i said. We got dropped off at the hotel and harry grabbed my hand and began to walk into the hotel. Some fans ran up to me and harry and asked for autographs and pictures, so we did. We got in the elevator and we were still hand in hand and we got to our floor. we were laughing because Amanda sent us a picture of her dog butch in a halloween coustme he was a hot dog. i was laughing so hard my eyes were watering and i couldent see were i was going and a maid ran into me and she spilled water all over me and pushed me over and looked at me a ran. Harry yelled "HEY!! you spill stuff all over my girlfriend and you pushed her down and just run?! im going to talk to your manger about this... Danielle are you okay" "yeah my ankle just hurts and im freezing!" i reply. Harry lifted me up and carried me to my room and my ankle was alittle swollen so he put ice on it after he went through the shopping bags and got me underwear, a bra, shorts, and a shirt. i put it on with harrys assitance. i thought to my self i dont think a guy has ever saw me nude before, but im glad it was harry and not some freak. i was laying in bed and my ankle felt better so i got up and walked to the kitchen to get food. harry was their "Hey, your ankles feeling better im guessing?" he said "yeah i think it just got twisted it alittle. did you call the manger?" i asked "yeah he said he fired her and apolagized and offered to pay for our room. so i said thank you and hung up." "Oh okay well she didn't care to see if I was okay so I'm glad she's fired" I grabbed a banana an walked back into the room. Harry soon can in later and I was watching t.v. He got into his boxers and then hopped into be with me wrapping his arms around me. It felt so right to know I have Harry to come home to. I tried to wiggle out of his grip so I could be face to face with him. He had a smirk on him face and so did I. I rolled on top of him and it happened...... We kissed passionately and he began to unhook my bra so we were just in undies I slid his off then he slid mine off. Next thing you know I was groaning and so was he. But then I remembered something. While he was in me I stopped kissing him and froze. "Harry.. Are you wearing a condom..?" I said worried. "" he said In a even worried voice then me. He quickly slipped out causing me to moan and we hopped out of bed and put our clothes on. I started crying while I slid down a wall. "Danielle, I'm so sorry I forgot..." Harry said while hugging me. "i-its not y-your fault I didn't think of it either" I managed to spit out. "We'll get a pregancy test first thing tommarrow" Harry said in a quiet voice. okay I said he stood up grabbing my hand and pulling me up we climbed into bed fully clothed and he cuddled me and sang me a song before I go to sleep.

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