Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


29. Seriously this needs to end

Danielles P.O.V


We pulled into the driveway. "Danielle, please forgive me, i didnt kiss her she kissed me." Harry begged. i was quiet. "Why would i ever do something like that. dont you know me?" "Yea i do know you and before i even met you i knew you would do something like that, and you even did to the person i HATE the most, and hmm... i was right" i snapped at him. I grabbed my bag and opened the door and slammed in shut leaveing Harry behind. I walked through the front door and every one was there watching t.v. I still had tears in my eyes. "Whats wrong?" They all said in Unison. I ignored them and walked up the stairs to my room slamming the door behind me.


Lindseys P.O.V

Danielle just came in crying and locked herself in her room. "Did she loose her game?" Niall asked. "No trust me, There team never looses. Like Ever" Amanda said. "Like Ever" Me and Kayla said at the same time like Taylor Swift Says. We started Laughing.

*2 minutes later*

Harry walked in crying. "Whats up man?" Lou Asked. "Wheres Danielle?" He asked not answering Lou's question. "Up Stairs" Niall said. "Thanks" he Said. He began to walk up the stairs. "DONT GO UP THERE, unless you wanna die" I warned. "Danielle Flips out when shes sad or Pissed off". He began to walk back down the stairs. "Lemme go talk to her, ive known her longer" I told them. I rushed up the stairs to her bedroom. I knocked on her door. "Danielle? please let me in, its Lindsey" "Go Away!" She yelled "Im not leaving untill you let me in" "Okay? then stay there" "No im serious Let me in!!" i wined trying to make her laugh. Well she laughed. *Click*. The door unlocked and there stands Danielle crying her eyes out. "Come here!" i said pulling her into a hug. "Ever things going to be fine" i whispered into her ear. I let go and we walked over to her bed and sat down. "Alright, Whats wrong?" She looked at her feet. "Please tell me!" "Harry.." "What did that fuck do to you?" She giggled at my joke well it wasnt really a joke. "Jessica..." "Jessica and Harry? what?" "H-he was Ki-kissing her" "No" "ya" she said in a weak tone of voice. I looked at her and then the door. i got up ran down the stairs. "HARRY!! how the fuck could you go kiss Jessica?!" i yelled. "I didnt" "WHY THE FUCK IS SHE IN HER ROOM CRYING HER EYES OUT?...She wont lie to me." I stated. He went quiet and everyone else in the room glared at him. He knew its the truth. "I-I I dont know." he spit out. I Got in his face. "You better go up there and fix this." i warned and pointed to the stairs. "Shes not getting hurt AGAIN" "Again?" he asked. "Yea Again." i glared at him as he walked up the stairs.


Danielles P.O.V

How could he go and kiss jessica. The one I hate the most and he knows thats? I heard another knock at the door. Who could it be this time? "Who is it?" i said. "Its me Harry..." "Leave me alone." i was getting mad at the fact he had his lips on her. "Not untill you talk to me" "Im Talking to you now so you can leave" "Thats not what i mean." "Well i dont want to talk about what you mean" "Please just let me explain" he wined. i walked over to the door and put my hand on the knob. "Please.." He sounded so sincer. i opened the door. "Talk" i stared at his eyes. "Can we sit?" he asked pointing to my bed. I didnt answer i just walked over hoping he would follow. "Okay i Didnt kiss her. She kissed me." he trailed on and he seemed to be telling the truth. "Well did you kiss back?" "No i Pushed her back as soon as she kissed me". i fell silient. "So are you mad at me?" "No, how could i stay mad at you?" i sniffled and hugged him. "T.V.?" i asked. "Yea". I grabbed my remote at turned on the T.V. Before you could see the picture it said, "Harry Styles from One Direction Cheating?" The picture popped up. At first i thought it was Jessica and him kissing but it wasnt. I looked up at him and his eyes popped out of his head. "Taylor Swift......" I said getting mad. "It wasnt like that!" I got up and ran down stairs. "Danielle wait!" Harry said coming behind me. "Dude stop let her be alone." I ran out the door. Walking down my street crying. Why? Why does it always have to be me? I always get the worst of things.

   I guess i wasnt paying attention where i was going. I bumped into someone. "Oh sorry" They said. I looked up and it was Anthony. Anthony was my best guy friend in Elementary school. He moved to a diffrent school in Middle-High School. "Whats wrong?" he asked worried. He was always a caring and Amazing person. "Hello?" I must of been staring at him. "Oh sorry" I feel really dumb. "Whats wrong?" he asked again. "Oh nothing.." "Really? Ahahahaa you know i can tell when your lying remeber?" How could he remember from Almost 10 years ago? "Yea Hahaha" i faked laugh. "wait? why are you on my street?" "Oh its like a short cut to the store would you like to come?" "oh Yeah i forgot" we began walking. I told him everything. i mean everything from when i met Harry. "Im so sorry." He said imbracing me into a hug. "Its okay, sorry for venting to you" i said with a cheeky smile. "Its okay. You know you've changed alot." "is that a bad thing?" i asked. "No, I acually really like it" By this time we were walking into the store. "Oh" i turned away hiding my smile. "You have changed to.. in a great way" He smiled at the ground and laughed alittle. "i miss these times" "Yeah me too" i replied. He grabbed what he needed and we walked out. We walked and it was getting late. I didnt realize i we were walking to his house. "I Had a great time. but i really need to go" "Im not letting you walk home in the dark. Stay here for the night?" "Yea sure" i was kinda hopeing for him to ask me to. "Come with me" we walked up to his room and he threw me a pair of sweatpants, and a white T-shirt. "Thanks" i walked into the bathroom and changed. I walked back into his room and i lay down on his bed. He came in his room from where ever he was and layed next to me. And i felt Guilty but at the same time i felt like this was right. I then drifted to sleep.

  That night i had a dream, I was walking down the alsie but i couldent see the groom. Then the scene changed and i was wait? in Labor? What kind of dream is this? I then woke up. I looked up and i wasnt in my room. Shit. I then remembered im at anthonys. i need to go before everyone gets worried. "Hmmm.." he said gripping me. "Sorry i need to go like now" "Ugh finee" He let me go. "Ill give you the clothes someother time" i said grabbing my clothes and walking out the door. I ran home. I opened the door and everyone was pacing back and forth."Omg!" Everyone came and hugged me. "Harry hasnt slept all night" Lou said. Then i remembered Harry. I clenched my fist. I cant do this anymore. First he kissed Jessica, Then hes Kissing Taylor Swift in the same day!!! Everyone pulled away, and Harry was standing in the doorway. I walked past him. "Were Over" It hurt to say it but it had to be done. I walked into my room stripped and jumped in the shower.


Harrys P.O.V

i didnt sleep at all last night. When i say her my heart beat went back to normal. She saw me walked over. And whispered "Were Over" in my ear and walked off. My heart sank. The little smile faded and tears ran down my face. No. How could i lose her. No.

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