Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


1. Road Trip!

Danielles P.O.V

 Im Sitting in the front seat in the car texting evryone i know that were on our way to a One Direction concert! Were all so Excited, we have never been to one. Mikayla keeps asking when were going to be their and it takes 8 hours by car. i was getting really annoyed so i had asked Amanda to stop at the next rest stop, we finally got their and we went to the bathroom and when we walked back out to go to the car we saw a tour bus with a security Guard outside of it. Lindsey had realized it was PAUL!!! We all wanted to go over and say hi and take a picture with him or the boys. We walked over their and he told us to back away. We walked back to the car with disapointment but we got over it. I was going to be driving the rest of the way to give Amanda a break. I Drove Fast.


Two hours had gone by and we only had 3 more to go! About 10 minutes later, i heard sirens and pulled over. We were pulled over for 30 minutes because i had to find my registration and lisence. I got a speeding ticket and we were on our way.


Lindseys P.O.V

 Me and Amanda were playing games on our smartphones and Mikayla was asleep. We had a great time so far and we were soo close to seeing One Direction! but at least we saw Paul!! Thats a start.. I Just Got a text from my mom saying I hope you girls are haveing a good time!! Did you spot Any celebrates yet? i replied yes mom and yeah we saw 1Ds bus!! Me, Danielle, and Amanda were talking about what we would do if we meet 1D and if we were evr to date them. i had said i would Date Liam or Harry and i would be the best girl friend i could be! i would also want to get t know Them more! Danielle said she would buy him a cat and a piegin, And be Harry or Louis Girlfriend and she would Talk about her life and ask about theirs. Amanda would date Niall and buy him food and buy him a luckycharm(irish flag braclet), and get to know them! We all were dreaming.........


We were 10 minutes from the hotel!!! and 2 Days a way from going to the concert!!!

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