Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


9. Michigan

Harrys P.O.V


We Loaded on to the tour bus to go to michigan. it was about 12:00pm and Niall was complaining because he was Hungry. Liam kept saying you just ate a Huge breakfast like a hour ago!! but he kept complaining untill paul told the driver to stop at a service area. Danielle and i had found board games from the last tour we had. We found monopoly, The Game of Life, Uno, and poker. Danielle didnt want to play Poker, or uno but we both wanted to play The Game of Life. Our games went on for 2 hours and She kept beating me! Untill we made a bet...If I lost we had to do whatever she wanted in Michigan when we arrive or if i won she has to give me a ''Kiss''. We played one more and i Won!!!

"Harry!! you cheated!!" Danielle yelled

"Ya! Harry you cheated!!" the other boys yelled

"What!? i did not!" i replied back

"You just wanted a Kiss(finger quotation signs)." Louis said

"yea a Kiss..." Zayn said under his breath

"So when do i get my Kiss?" i said

"Later im tired." Danielle said

She Got up and walked back to my bed and layed down. i looked at the boys and then our mess and fast walked away so i dint have to clean it up. When i got to my bunk Danielle was a sleep. i though to my self..Holy Shit she must of been really tired!... i was feeling a bit tired so i hoped in the bed and wrapped my arms around her. She layed her head back on my chest and turned her face to mine. "Harry...can we still go shopping in michigan?" she said in a quiet voice. "Yes we can do whatever you want to do..." i said back smileing. She leaned up to kiss me and we kissed. She pulled back and smiled and layed her head on me and fell asleep as i did.


Danielle P.O.V


 i woke up to "Its time to get up in the afternoon bought McDondals Dinner for you... We walked Out the bus door to get it...SO ITS TIME TO GET UP!!" the boys sang while shakeing me and harry. Harry said "Nice imprevise." "THANK YOU!" they all shouted in unison. i turned to face Harry and his arms still around me and we had a 2 inch gap between us because the bunk was so small. He Leaned down to kiss me and the boys just stood there with food in their hands and Niall said "GET UP IM HUNGRY!". we got out and my hair was perfect because i couldent move in my sleep and so was harrys. i realized the bus was stopped so i looked out a window and we were stopped in the McDondals parking lot and i sat down to eat. The boys got me chicken fingers and a frie to split with harry and a Mango Smoothie. "thank you" i said. Paul walked back with a drink in his hand and said the hotels just up the road, were also leaving now so dont spill anything! Okay we replied. We Talked and the boys seemed really excited to preforme here.i finished eatting and We arrived at the hotel. There were no Fans outside so that was a plus! Paul and the driver grabbed all of our bags and me and harry checked into our room using "Gianna and Ryan bishup" as our "name". Our bags were brought up and i jumped on the king size bed and harry followed...

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