Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


17. I can't do this

It was time for Harry to go on stage. 5...4...3...2...1....GO Boys the stage guy said. I kissed Harry good bye and he ran on stage. They preformed 3 songs and when the last song was ending ,it was quiet enough so I could hear one girl yell "Harry why do you like Danielle, she's ugly, dumb,so you should break up with her she's a Fucking slutty Whore!!!" . Another girl that was with her could see me standing on the side of the stage and throw a note at me that says; If we ever meet face to face I'm gonna beat you up you don't deserve Harry I do! I looked at Harry and he looked at me I ran out of the stadium crying a sat on the bench outside the door. I took out my phone and sent him; I Can't do this. There's to much Hate and I can't stand it, I think I need a break to think about all this.
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