Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


2. Hotel Time!

Mikaylas P.O.V


We just got to the hotel and i had just woken up! Their was about 100 people here! i was thinking to my self One Direction might be in my hotel!! I see the tour bus we saw and theirs Fans with posters that say like We Love 1D, Your all sexy beasts, etc. We parked and amanda and Danielle went to go check in. Me and Lindsey were do excited an started flipping out!! They came back with bell boys(they were really cute.) they grabbed our bags and brought them to te top floor where are room was and we had a huge room with 2 king size beds an two bathrooms(it was one of the 4 penthouses!! I thought we would get crappy hotel rooms. Me and Danielle went out in the hall to get some ice for our soda. Danielle started filling the basket and two guys came walking down the hall. I thought it looked like Harry and Liam. I didn't want to tell Danielle yet because she would start flipping out! Right as Harry was passing Danielle turned around and spilled ice all over Him. She was apologizing and said its okay beautiful! And helped her clean the ice up. I was just starring at her in shock, And then Liam started talking to me. We had a nice conversation and I got his an Harry's auto graph and a picture with both of them!!


Danielle's P.O.V


I had just spilled ice on Harry Styles!! I felt soo bad! Aleast we got autographs and pictures. Me and Harry started talking and he asked me my name and said we should Hang out tonight! And said we have to go to appear infront of the fans outside. He said Let's go Liam we have to mett with the other boys! I was literarily shaking and we ran back in the room and told lindsey and amanda! They got mad because we didn't call them out, but on the bright side we go them auto graphs to!! I looked at mine and under Harry's name their was a number, it said 402. Amanda said it coul be a time? And lindsey said it could be his penthouse # because ours is 400. I got really excited and she had mentioned we could hang out tonight!! At like 4:00 I went and knocked on the door and Liam anwsered and said oh Hi your that girl that Harry keeps talking about! My face got red and I said yeah um is he here? Harry came to the door and said hi Danielle would you like to go out for dinner with me? I looked shocked and in a excited voice I said YES!! He said go get ready well go to a fancy restaurant an ill one get you at 5:30. I rushed to my room and got ready I told the girls and we all screamed and jumped up and down and we got a complaint from below us. I wa lucky I brought a short dress and heels just in case we went somewhere fancy. I got ready.

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