Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


23. Home

Harrys P.O.V


I woke up next to Danielle, Naked and it was about 10am. I reached over and pulled a blanket over her. She was sound asleep. Me and the Lads have a concert tonight, so i got up took a shower and put some sweatpants, and T-shirt and a gray beanie on and Danielle was still sound asleep. I felt my stomach growl so i walked down to the hotel breakfast bafay, i put a stack of pancakes with syrup and got two coffees and walked back to the room. I walked to the room and i remembered i forgot a key. I knocked on the door with my head since my hands were full. i herd footsteps and the door opened, Danielle was standing there with her hair in a messy bun, and one of my Shirts on. She grabbed one of the coffees, i was about to spill. "Good Morning Sleepy head" i said. "Good Morning" she replied as she sat down at the table. I set the plate down and Grabbed 2 knives and forks. I set those down too. We began eatting and next thing i know theres a pancake on the ceiling. How did that happen? I started laughing with Danielle.


Danielles P.O.V


i was cutting a pancake and it slipped off my plate and it was all sticky and i threw it off of me and um. it landed on the ceiling. i begn laughing and Harry looked up and then at me and started laughing. Then he pointed at it and mouthed 'What the?' i told him and he began laughing again. i really dont know how it got up there i thought i threw it at the ground but i guess not. I was full and i finished my coffee and i kissed harrys head and walked to the bedroom and hopped in the shower.

*10 minutes later*

I got out of the shower and got changed. and it was 11:30ish. I put on neon pink short shorts and a white flowy tank top. i Blow-dryed my hair and then curled it. Then, put make up on. Harry walked in while i was doing it "Babe, you dont need that" he said. "hmm....Have you seen me without it? i look well....Ew" "Yes i have you look beautiful" "Not exactly" "Dont argue with the truth" i giggled and shook my head. He walked over and grabbed my waist and put his head on my shoulder. His chin was warm. I finished putting on my make up, turned my head at kissed Harrys lips softly. Some how his tounge found his way in my mouth and had a 'Play Date' with mine.  


*8 hours later*


It was time for the boys concert. Lindsey and her Boyfriend Cam came to it too. We watched it on the side of the stage and when it ended we all went out for drinks at the local bar. They didnt ask for our IDs the bar tender reconized the boys cause of her daughters room i guess and he thought were old enough thats worked for us. We finished our drinks and went back to the Hotel.


Harrys P.O.V

*2 months later*


The last month has been really fun and the shows were amazing. I guess Lindsey and Cam broke up and shes been getting really close to Liam. Me and Danielle couldent decide if they were dating or not. Oh yeah Lindsey and the other girls came up a couple weeks ago to visit us and Liam really wanted Lindsey to stay so she came on tour with us. The boys and i had 1 last show before the tour ended which was in New York, and so happens to be in Danielle and Lindseys Hometown, Rochester. Danielles Parents want to meet me and im going to ask is she will move to London with me, i dont want to say good bye and not be able to see her.

Today, we were leaving New Jersey, We got to meet alot of people, and we went on a Sky coaster and it was Very fun. Danielle was holding on so tight to my arm and screamed so loud!! I just laughed the hole time. It was a first for both of us.

I grabbed our suitcases and checked out of the hotel we were staying in it was about 5am and everyone was tired and half asleep. We had 5 minutes till we were leaving, so we got situated in the Bus. This was going to be a Lazy 9 hours. I sat on the big couch next to danielle, she was laying on my lap almost asleep. Every one else was in there beds except Lindsey and Liam which were with us sitting in chairs. Liam was on his lap top and Lindsey on her phone. Paul walked on the bus and Yelled "Ready to go?" Danielle quickly sprang up outta my lap and then gave him the death stare, then cuddled up to me. Danielle took out her phone and took a picture of us and posted it on twitter:

@_Danielle_Allen: arent we cute?:) ahahaaa #ToEarly.

*2 hours later*


Lindsey and Liam were laughing and everyone else were in bed still. Me and Danielle couldent go back to sleep. "You Guys would make a cute couple" i said. They were Looking at me with blank faces then went back to talking. "Yes they would like they could have a Name like ours is 'Darry'. Theres can be hm.....Lili!! AHahahah" Danielle said laughing. We both got a glar from them.

 The Next 7 hours went by fast since i was asleep most of the time.


Danielle P.O.V


"Were HERE" i herd someone yell. i quickly got up and ran out the door. I was confused there were houses outside. i then realized i was in my neighborhood. I ran in the bus and grabbed harrys hand and drgged him outside in front of my house. "Surprise!" Harrys said. "Bu-" i started to say but harry cut me off. "While you were sleeping i took your phone and called your parents. i gave him a big hug and kissed him on the lips. He took my hand and we walked up to my front door. I opened the screen door then the big door slowly and walked inside with harry behind me with is hands on my waist.



Sorry i havent updated in a while i didnt have any ideas so i just put this together. i know the chapters are short but ill try to make them a bit longer and update more frequently!!! sorry and thank you fo reading my book means alot.xx


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