Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!



Danielle P.O.V


Harry came on in the bed and he said "Do i get a kiss now?". "i already gave you a kiss!" i said "That was a peck!!" he argued. " always get your way styles." i said leaning in to kiss him. *KNOCK KNOCK* i got up smirking at harry and opened the door. The guy said these Flowers are for you i beileve? "Yes they are" harry said walking up behind me and kissing the back of my head. The guy handed me the flowers and said "Have a nice night Gianna!" i shut the door and laughed. "Thank you Ryan" i said while giggleing. I set the flowers in vase on the table. Harry came up behind me grabbing my waist and whispered in my ear "Now where were we?". i could tell he was smirking. he lifted me up and set me on the bed. We both leaned in and kissed passionately. He ran his fingers through my hair and i played with his curls.


*30 minutes later*


 We got off each other smiling. "Their did you like your kiss!?" i said while sitting next to him drawing on his chest. "Yes. Every second of it" he said in a caring voice. "Aww, Harry can we go for a walk?" i asked. "Yes, Love." he said in his Sexy british voice. we both put our shoes on and walked out the door hand in hand and we stepped into the elevator and met Niall. "Hey" he said. "Hi" Me and Harry said.

"hmm... you have something on your neck."

i tunrned to face harry and he looked at it and laughed and then smiled. i took my phone out and then turned the camera on so it was faceing me and their was a love bite..from harry.

"oh umm" i said covering it up

"Ahahahahhaaa" niall started laughing and then said "what were you guys doing!?"

*DING* We walked out of the elevator and niall did to he was going to the ice cream bar. Of corse. We walked out of the hotel and their were tons of screaming fans and we were escored out by police instead of sercurity. They called a cab for us and they waited with us. "i guess were not going to be able to go on a walk if were going to be chased, do you just want to go to the mall instead?" harry asked. "Yes thats fine you said you would buy me clothes if i came!" i said leaning back into him. "i know i promised." he replied. the cab pulled up and started to drive off. a couple of fans tried to jump on the car and one finally did. they started to pound on the top and took picture of us through the window. the cab driver pulled over and told the girl to get off of the car and said she might get seriously injured if we went another 20 feet to the highway. She wouldent get off even when the cops tried pulling her. i finally got out of the car and yelled "GO AWAY!! IF HARRY GIVES YOU A FREAKING AUTO GRAPH WILL YOU LEAVE!?!?" "Well Yeah!!" she yelled. "Harry will you plase give this girl a auto graph so we can leave?" i said in a sweet voice. "Yea babe" he said.  Harry walked out of the car signed the girls paper and walked back in the car grabbing my hand. the cab driver got in and we were on with our way. "why are fans so crazy that they will risk their lives to meet you guys?" i asked "i have no clue.." he said. i leaned on him and he kissed my lips softley pulling away smiling. we were dropped off at the mall and walked in.

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