Road Trip

Danielle, Amanda, Lindsey, And Mikayla take a road trip to PA, for a one direction concert. The Girls found out their staying in the same hotel as the boys. Will they end up falling in love or is it just a Dream......?

Im not finshed!!!!


31. Decisions.. pt.1

Harry's P.O.V

I was waiting for a anwser. I looked at her with puppy dog eyes. "So what will it be?" "Yes" I looked up and inbraced her into a hug. She hugged back. " I missed your hugs" I whispered into her hair. "I missed yours to" she pulled away. I leaned in for a kiss. Our lips were about to touch, "okay Mr. Styles if you would sign this you can be on your way....oh sorry was I interrupting something?" "Hmm... No it's fine" I grabbed the clipboard and signed the papers. Danielle handed me my clothes and I started to change when the doctor left. "I think we need to get matching tattoos, as a birthday present!" Shit I forgot. Her birthday is in a week. October 30th and its October 23. "That would be cool, what would we get?" "I dont know... we will see" "Sounds great" i say as i put on my shoes on. "Okay lets go" i grab her hand and we walk out of the room. A gurney and some doctors are rushing past us. "Ow!" Danielle yelled. "Are you okay?" i asked. "Yep, yep ill be fine." she started to walk. "Oh shit." She tripped on something and fell then started laughing. I helped her up and laughed with her. "Here lemme help you" I picked her up bridal style and kissed her, she kissed back. We pulled away and i started to walk. Danielle took her phone out to call Amanda so he can pick us up.

We walked out of the Hospital and there was paparazzi. Great. They were throwing a bunch of questions at us. like...

"Did you guys break up?"

"Harry, are you cheating?"

"Why were you in the hospital?"

"Whats up with taylor swift?"

"Whos the mystery girl you were kissing?"

I ignored all of them. Danielle seemed hurt by some of the questions.


Danielles P.O.V

"Babe whats wrong?" Harry asked in my ear. "Nothing" i lied. I was still alittle hurt because of what happened the past days. "Okay" He said but i could tell he knew what was bothering me. He set me down out side of Amandas car as he opened the door. I got in and he followed. "Heey guyss!! Your a couple again" I looked at harry and he looked at me. We should have some fun with this. "NO" Harry said. "Wait what?" Amanda said concerned. I grabbed harrys hand so he didnt get defended by what i was about to say. "Hes a fucking man Whore, why would i go back with him" I looked at harry and he almost started to laugh. I bursted out laughing and So did he. "Im so confused.." Amanda said. "Why would i be carrying her through paparazzi if were not dating because everyone would think we would." Amanda went quite. "So your not dating?" she asked. "Amanda... your so dumb." i said "We are dating" Harry finished my sentance. By this time we were in my drive way. We got out of the car and i realized it was my car. "why were you driving my car?" i asked amanda. "I didnt want to walk home to get mine" I looked next door which was her house. "Really?" i asked, i didnt care if she used it i just wanted to bust her chops. All 3 of us walked inside and everyone was sitting on the couch. I remembered everyones leaving in a 2 days after there concert tomorrow. No i just got Harry back and im probally going to loose him forever.



Hii everyone i Decided to put these chapters into parts since its going to be long and i dont feel like writing like a essay. I will be updating quicker, but i couldent since i had to get my grades up last week and its winter break right now!! So how was everyones christmas and what were somethings you got i need some ideas for after these parts... But dont put like One Direction stuff cause i got that covered^.^ well adioss amigos........Merry Late Christmas!

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