Stuck With Styles

While Jamie goes to Las Vegas to visit her best friend Jasmine,her hotel screws up her reservation and she finds herself staying with international popstar,Harry Styles.She never planned on falling for a celebrity but this time its different. Will she end up in love with him? or will it be a disaster? *** this is my first fanfic so please no hate hope u like it!**


4. The Boys

-Jamie's POV-
I woke up to the smell of bacon. Harry was in the kitchen making breakfast. "Good Morning" he greeted and smiled. "good morning" I replied with a groggy voice. "Your breakfast is ready." I walk over and see what is made for me. Harry made chocolate chip pancakes a side of bacon and orange juice. "Thank you Harry." I said. "anything for you, beautiful" he replied in a cheeky voice and winked. I shook my head and smiled and dug in to my food. "Do you want to come and meet the other boys at our house?" he asked. "sure " I replied. "bring your swimsuit. We have a pool." he added. "Okay" I agreed and went to find my swimsuit. I grab my strapless teal blue swimsuit and head to the bathroom. Harry already beat me to it so I decided to change while he was in there.

-Harry's POV-
I decided that I'd invite Jamie over to meet the other guys. This might be my chance to get to know her better. I take my trunks and head over to the bathroom. When im done changing I open the door and see Jamie naked. She was facing the other way so she couldn't see me. I'm not a perve but I couldnt stop staring at her. Her body had nice curves and a light tan. She was sexy. After she put on her shorts and tank top she turned around. "Uhhh...Harry I didn't know you were there" she said nervously. "How much did you see?" she asked completely embarrased. "All" I said truthfully and smirked.
-Jamie's POV-
I was so embarrased! I've only known this boy for a day and he's already seen me naked twice! Soon we both got our stuff ready and headed out.After a 20 minute drive, we arrived at a large, modern looking house. It was guarded by a large fence and security guards. "wow..." was all I could say as we got inside. Everywhere around us there was marble. The floors,the walls, everything. "Boys! I'm back and I have someone who Id like you too meet!" Harry yelled. Soon after, a blonde came running down the double sided stairs holding a pizza in his hand. "Hey Niall! Thus is my friend Jamie." he introduced as I shook his hand. "The other ate in the pool out back. C'mon let me show you." He took us through so many different hallways until finally we see a door leading to the back. When we walked outside I could already see the boys there. Zayn was barbecuing while the others were in the pool. They noticed us arrive because they stopped what they were doing and walked over to us. Louis wolf whistled when he saw me. "Oooh Hazza! Who's your lady friend u got there?" Louis asked. Harry shot him an angry look. "Guys this is Jamie. Jamie this is Louis Liam and Zayn" he said as I shook their hands.
We ate Zayns barbecue, swam, talked and got to know eachother. I got out of the pool and went inside. Liam decided we'd watch Toy Story 3 and eat popcorn. After the movie was over I looked at the time. 8pm. I wasn't ready to sleep. "Hey do you guys wanna play hide and seek?" I asked "Sure!" they all said. We picked Louis to be "it" and ran of in diferent directions.

**** Authors note: Hay guys sorry I haven't posted in a while! I have school and i get homework so I start writing when I'm done so sorry if it takes long. I'm busy :/ anyways how do u like it do far?!

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