Stuck With Styles

While Jamie goes to Las Vegas to visit her best friend Jasmine,her hotel screws up her reservation and she finds herself staying with international popstar,Harry Styles.She never planned on falling for a celebrity but this time its different. Will she end up in love with him? or will it be a disaster? *** this is my first fanfic so please no hate hope u like it!**



Heyy guys :p im so sorry i haven't posted in a long while. Ive had basketball tryouts then i come home at 6 and i have a ton of homework. next week i have Thanksgiving break so i will try to write more and post it :]


Also does anyone remember a fanfic called 'I Can Change You' ? it was about the boys going to this persons house for the summmer because they were bad and their career went downhill  and basically she was kinda like a therapist or whatever and the boys had a crush on her but anyways i think it got deleted, but it was really good.... if anyone knows the person who wrote it plz tell me :]

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