Stuck With Styles

While Jamie goes to Las Vegas to visit her best friend Jasmine,her hotel screws up her reservation and she finds herself staying with international popstar,Harry Styles.She never planned on falling for a celebrity but this time its different. Will she end up in love with him? or will it be a disaster? *** this is my first fanfic so please no hate hope u like it!**


6. In the Night

*sorry  guys i know this took long*



I woke up around 4 am. I had to pee. I opened the door and slowly crept out of my room. Hmm.... where was that bathroom i saww earlier? I walked around few hallways. It made iteven harder because it was dark. Ugh, this house was so big, still i couldnt find it. I decided to make my way to the front door and retrace my steps. I satrted to remember where i had gone. I think i was going the right way...was I? wait no! Im uupstairs, how did i get here? I decided to just open every door i pass by. Finally i found a small bathroom along the way.

Crap. Okay im done but how do i get back? i was really sleepy and couldnt think. It wass too dark. I walked down the hallway and found an empty room to sleep the rest of the night. The closest room was 2 doors down from the bathroom. I sighed and plopped myself into the massive bed.

Suddenly  I felt someone moving. Oh my gosh! Somone is here. The person quicklyy jerked out of the bed. I scrambled to my feet and searched for the light. I turned it on and i saw standing there was Liam.

"Im so sorry! I didnt know where i was going so i just opened a door and slept here, im sorry i should've knocked and-"

"Hey its okay, I know this house is really big." Liam spoke.

"But i dont know if you want to go back to sleep, cuz its already 7."

Wow was i awake that long? well theirs no point in sleeping anymore, and it was already bright.

"Okay i guess i wont go back to sleep anymore" I smiled.

"Ummm Liam....?"


"Can you show me the way back to my room?" i asked

"Haha sure" he chuckled.




I got back to my room and took a shower. I put on my clothes and headed to the kitchen. i was greeted by "hello's" and "good morning's" by the boys, who were already awake. They were sitting at a small table eating McDonalds breakfast.

"I brought you a burrito." I looked at him and he flashed me his pretty smile. I took the the slightly warm burrito. After breakfast and watching a few episodes of  Friends, i thought it was time i should leave.

"Thanks for letting me stay guys but im gonna go" I announced.

I saw Harry's face fall. As i turned  around to get my purse, i felt a hand grab my wrist.

"You can stay here as long as you want....but im not forcing you" he suggested nervously.

"Okay I  guess I will stay, but if you guys find me a problem be free to kick me out whenever cuz i can get crazy" I smirked.

"That shouldnt be a problem." Harry smiled.

Harry drove me back to the hotel to grab the rest of my stuff and checkout.

"Wait so why were you staying at this hotel if you already had a house here?" i asked.

"Fans. They didnt stop coming so i couldnt make it home and also paparazzi so this was the closest hotel i could find." he answered

During the car ride we we got to know eachother alot more that i thought i would. I got to know Harry Styles. Just the reagular life of Harry, not superstar HARRY STYLES.

"Wanna go to the mall?" he asked me.

"Sure but i dont really need anything right now" i answered.

"Thats okay we can get something to eat or just browse around."


"wow" i whispered to myself while I saw a stunning dress at Forever 21.

"Isnt this dress just beautiful?" i asked Harry.

"Yes, but you know what would make it even more beautiful?"

"What?" i questioned looking confused.

"If were on you." he smirked. I blushed at his cheeky compliment. I noticed the rest of the shopping  Harry held my hand. And i liked it.

When we headed back home i realized that we had only bought a few things. I bought some jeans and a few tops, and Harry had bought a Tshirt and matching braclets for us that said 'Smile' on both of them. We went back home and ate dinner and i headed to my bedroom. I had a good say today. It popped into my head that I should call Jasmine, after all, she was the reason i came here, to visit her. The phone rang and she answered then i updated her on everything.

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