Stuck With Styles

While Jamie goes to Las Vegas to visit her best friend Jasmine,her hotel screws up her reservation and she finds herself staying with international popstar,Harry Styles.She never planned on falling for a celebrity but this time its different. Will she end up in love with him? or will it be a disaster? *** this is my first fanfic so please no hate hope u like it!**


5. Hide and Seek

*Jamies POV*

I ran the opposite way from Harry. I found myself in a long hallway with many turns. There was a big white at the end of the hallway. I quickly opened it and  shut the door behind me. I looked around, it was a bathroom. It had a large jacuzzi and a flat screen tv above it. Wow. I was in the bathroom long and i figured Louis wasnt searching this far,so i decided to get out. Quietly, I ran around corners, trying not to be found. Far behind me I could now hear Louis yelling. "Niall! You seriously decide to hide in the  fridge?!" I giggled to myself. "Okay Niall help me find the others."  Their voices were getting closer so I ran to a different spot. All of a sudden as I ran around a corner, someone crashes into me.Of course, it had to be Harry. He was running the opposit direction of me so he crashed and fell. Directly on top of me. For some reason we just laid there, lost in each others eyes.I could hear Louis talking again.

"Guys I'm not going to play anymore if you dont come out!" he shouted. We just ignored him. Harry starts leaning closer to me. Oh my gosh hes going to kiss me. Harry Styles is going to kiss me! Alot went though my head. I wasnt a big One Direction fan but I never pictured myself kissing a celebrity. Right before he touched my lips, our little "moment" was broken up when Louis came running down the hall.

"Guys Im not playing anymore cause you guys- woah!" I snapped out of my trance and realized that Louis was standing there in suprise. Harry quicly sprang off me and helped me up.

"Okay Haz, Im happy you found a girl, but I you guys are gonna "do it" at least go to your room" Louis joked. Harry gave him an angry look and my face whent bright red. I pulled out my phone. 10pm.

"Guys its getting late, sorry i gotta go." I saw sadness go across Harry's face as I was heading back to the living room. i felt someone grab my arm.

"Umm.. Jamie, you could stay if you'd like" he suggested nervously.

"Okay sure....but i dont have anything to sleep in"

Harrys face lit up. "

"Oh dont worry I have something you can wear."

I followed Harry to his room. While I waited I looked around. his  room was huge! He had an enormous bed and a TV. Harry comes back out with a T-shirt and sweatpants.

"Thanks, so wheres my room?" i asked

He looked a bit shocked. Did he really think I was gonna sleep with him? I only known him for 4 days!

"Oh, let me show you."

He led me through hallways until we stopped at a door. It was a little smaller than his room but it was still really big.

"If you  need anything just tell me"

He slowly lent in for a kiss. I kissed him back. A huge smile spread across his face, although he tried to hide it.

"Good night." he said.

"Good night Harry."

I shut the door and dove into the soft comfy bed and went to sleep.


*** sorry i took so long Ive been real busy. and sorry i know it was a short chapter. i will post more later.

if any of you guys wanna talk my kik is chels_luvs_1d and my instagram is chels_luvs_1d

Tell me if youre liking the book so far!

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