Love me before I die {1D}

Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band ( one direction) Zayn and Amy meet at a coffee shop after Amy breaks up with Her Ex boyfriend but Amy has done something to her boyfriend which makes him mad and now he`s after her blood !!


4. The text that might change her mind

Amy`s POV - 

"Sorry but no i want to get to know you first "

Zayns POV- 

Her words was just replaying in my head every time it replayed again it was like she put a knife in my heart and it span around making the hole deeper and bigger."OK!" i didn't mean to shout it but it just came out but at least it came out playfully. I was thinking of a place that i could take her so that i could make her give in and say yes so she will go out with me maybe to a fancy dinner or something or maybe just hang around on a beach or on the hills.I got out my phone and texted my band One Direction. 

*The Text*

Zayn M =D - hiya guys Vas Happenin` ????

Funny L :P- Hi from Me and Harry 

( Harry was staying over at Louis`s place)

NiAlL :)- Heyyyy from me and Liamm

 ( You probably would have guessed it, yep Liam was staying over at Nialls )


( This was one directions code it meant i found the perfect girl shes got that one thing BUT you need to convince her to go out with me)

Funny L :P - OKAY yay you finally found her now its only Niall who we have to find a gf for

NiAlL :) - Thanks Louis !! Meet tomorrow ??

Zayn M =D - Yea at my house at 3 okay i got 2 go guys byee 

Funny L :P- Bye 

NiAlL :) - BYE 

We got to my house and I asked so do you wanna see the boys tomorrow at 3pm ;) 



Thanks for reading I STILL need a name for Amy's ex please give one cause i need one for the next chapter, is Dave a good name and btw in this story Louis and his girlfriend don't have a good relationship so they MIGHT brake up and Harry has a gf called ..... ( i will tell you in the next chapter ;-) ) and sorry its short oh well i have written 2 today because tomorrow i might not be able to write more byee x

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