Love me before I die {1D}

Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band ( one direction) Zayn and Amy meet at a coffee shop after Amy breaks up with Her Ex boyfriend but Amy has done something to her boyfriend which makes him mad and now he`s after her blood !!


2. Realisation *Message*

Amy's POV -

I pulled away from our kiss and looked at him. His hair looked so cute I just wanted to get my hand and mess it up. By now I knew that I had seen him somewhere but I STILL didn't know where I had seen him before I remembered that he was on tv but I think it wasn't on something that was big it was like a quiz or something, maybe later it will come back to me.Just while I was thinking about where I had seen him he spoke and said “ do u want a ride home because its a bit late” I was about to say yes but then I remembered what had happened and I had guessed that he had forgot too. I just looked at him with a tearful face then he must of remembered I could see it in his eyes.

Zayns POV - 

“Oh Sorry !” i said 
“ It's okay” she said I could hear her voice go back to how it was before when she was sad. I felt like it was my fault because I reminded her about it “ So why don't you come to my house, I'm guessing that you don't have a place to stay” 

Amy's POV - 

I CAN'T BELIVE IT he just asked me to stay at his house I thought about it and I finally said “ well I'll ask a friend if I can stay at hers if she's busy or something then can I stay ??” 
“sure ” I heard him reply. I got my phone and walked off to the girls toilets just so I could get some privacy. Before I called I looked in the mirror just to make my hair look nice and to fix my make up, I looked at my phone which I had placed on the table an picked it up and looked at my contacts AGAIN I remembered that there was no one I could call they all hated me I could feel a tear come to my eye as memories came but I wiped it away.

Zayns POV- 

She had spent about 5 minutes in the bath room maybe she was crying or maybe she was screaming in excitement because me Zayn Malik from One Direction had just asked her if she wanted to stay with
me. But then I thought when we was talking she seemed like she didn't know who I was. Just then i heard a door open and she walked out she looked so beautiful my heart just skipped a beat. She walked up to me i felt like just giving her a kiss but I couldn't I wasn't even going out with her what was I thinking ALREADY kissing her. Then she spoke in such a smooth voice it made me smile =) I didn't even listen to her I was just focusing on her voice so I had to say “ huh ?” then she said in her smooth but quite voice “ are we going to yours then” I was SO happy that she was coming to mine I just gave out a small laugh and I said “ come on then” 

Amys POV-

We was still walking to his car and I STILL did not know who he was I didn't want to ask or it would seem rude if he was famous then it hit me !!! Finally I know but I still wasn't sure so I didn't say anything maybe I should nickname him.


Hope you like it so far comment what the name of Amy`s ex boyfriend should be i cant think of one i just keep thinking of my friends and family`s name but i dont want to use them Please Help!

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