Love me before I die {1D}

Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band ( one direction) Zayn and Amy meet at a coffee shop after Amy breaks up with Her Ex boyfriend but Amy has done something to her boyfriend which makes him mad and now he`s after her blood !!


5. *Message*Live Sweet Dreams Or not

Sorry I haven't been writing I was busy then I got writers block xx

Zayns POV:

“babez ???” I said then I looked at her after a few seconds, I was expecting her to talk back and be excited after I told her about tomorrow but she was just silent. 

She was asleep aww she was so cute. I didn't want to wake her so I got out the car and opened her door, I picked her up and walked up to my house door and opened it. I walked in with her still in my arms and I laid her on my bed. 

I laid next to her and put my arms around her I closed my eyes and soon found my self falling asleep.

Amys POV- 

~~ Amys Dream ~~ 

“ Amy ?? ... Amy wake up !!!” 
I opened my eyes just to see myself lying on a table made of cookies and Niall calling me and smilingWHAT ??   I THOUGHT I MET ZAYN NOT NIALL!! oh well Niall's cute too. I got up and I looked at Niall WTH he was half Niall half Banana. I started laughing I couldn't help my self I was laughing my head off.

“Thanks for laughing at me ” Niall said he could tell I was laughing at him. “ Oh sorry” I replied, His face was sad, I looked around there was doors made of different sweets then Niall vanished WHAT this could only get weirder. I looked a door it had Liam's face on it “uhhh ...” I said as I looked at it. I finally opened it and saw Liam sitting on a couch it looked like the one in their Music Video for One Thing. I sat with him then he looked at me and said “ YOUR LATE !!!” classic Daddy Direction then he picked up a remote and pressed play. I looked at him with a confused face.“ It's your wedding video ” he said it was like he was reading my mind. I looked at the screen it was soo cute every one was wearing white but the boys had a hit of blue an the girls had pink. On the left was one direction without zayn and on the right was mum dad and 2 friends they was my best friends for life since high school. Then I wanted to know who i was even getting married to the camera went up to show who it was ... it was him Zayn Malik !! Then Liam paused it and said “you better go its late” I wanted to watch more but I just walked off I opened the door said bye to Liam and walked out the next door I walked into was Louis's. He was on the Beach ?? It was the one in WMYB I smiled and walked to him. I closed my eyes and he picked me up and I opened my eyes then I pushed me into the water and he just jumped in after me we went to the bottom. Then a video went on it was me and zayn talking I had a bump WHAT I was preg zayn kissed me on my cheek. But then suddenly Louis got me and pulled me back to the beach I walked off saying my last bye to Louis and walked out the door. Harry was next I wonder what was going to happen with him. I saw his door I put my hand on the Handle it was gold the others were silver. I walked in he was in my room sitting on my bed.... crying. I walked up to him and sat on my bed next to him I turned on the tv and it was me and zayn having a argument. Then I walked out his house door screaming and crying. Then came up writing saying the week later~ Day 1 
it was me in my room with Harry crying my eyes out while hugging Hazza. then the screen went black and it changed to zayn ... He was drunk with a knife in his hand then Liam kicked open he door and as quick as he could  grabbed the knife out Zayns hand. Day 2~ but the screen was black then Harry grabbed my hand and took me out the room.

Then he changed into Niall. We was out side and the doors disappeared one by one. Harry, Liam and Louis was standing there with 3 Massive cups behind them then the cups jumped up and over them. “ Choose the cups in order and that will be the order that it happens in your life” Niall explained to me but before I could say anything they started to mix around and I picked one it was Harry ... B-break up then I picked the second one Liam Marriage then Louis baby. at least my life got better! 

Then They all said “BYE!!!”and the whole place went pitch black and I woke up. what was that about ?? And I started laughing and I woke up Zayn. when he got up he told me about tomorrow and meeting the boys. I got so happy but then Zayn just fell asleep in a second and so did I but I didn't have a dream this time.

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