Love me before I die {1D}

Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band ( one direction) Zayn and Amy meet at a coffee shop after Amy breaks up with Her Ex boyfriend but Amy has done something to her boyfriend which makes him mad and now he`s after her blood !!


1. Kicked out

Amy's POV -

It was pouring down with rain and I was standing outside with my bags ,which was packed with all my stuff. I didn't move it was like I was waiting for something but wasn't sure what it was. I had no money as my boyfriend had just kicked me out. I looked in my pockets and I had a bit of change around £5 so I decided to go to the coffee shop. While walking there I saw a couple it reminded me of me and my boyfriend or should I say my ex. The couple was walking and talking to each other the boy had his jacket over the girl so she didn't get wet as for me I was covered for water and my hair was making it worst as it was down and it was also really wet.

I was finally at the coffee shop and as I walked in the bell rang and this boy looked at me I could swear I have seen him before I was upset so I didn't want to talk to him. I sat down at a table and picked up at menu i was kinda hungry so I got a slice of cake and coffee. I looked around to see if there was any people at the counter so I can order but then I saw him again I quickly turned around so I wasn't looking at him. I got out my phone and was looking at my contacts to see if there was anyone I  could ring but there was no one. I wanted to know if that boy was looking at me so I looked up he wasn't but he must of seen me move because he then looked straight at me and winked so I smiled . I put the menu down and I got up to order but then I released that the boy was still looking at me I didn't want him to know that I could see him so I kept walking. I ordered my food and to my luck he was siting right next to where you order so I decided to just give up and sit next to him. The man came with my food and gave it to me then he said “ that will be £3” so I gave him it . I took a bit out of my cake it was so good that I actually said “yum!!!” 

Zayn’s POV

“Is that cake nice ??” after a few seconds of me saying that she replied “yes” she sounded like she had been crying. I wanted to ask what was wrong but ... i just didn't want to act weird because she looked so beautiful and I wanted her to be mine. I asked her why she was here so late and I also asked her why she was so wet. She was quite for a while and then she spoke and said “ I just had a hard time at home and left I had a little bit of money and I was hungry do I came here to eat and I'm wet because if you look outside it's raining” I laughed, you could se her face light up, we talked for a while and then we both looked into each others eyes there was a spark between us and suddenly ...we kissed.
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