Love me before I die {1D}

Amy just wants to live for one more day in Zayns arms but she doesn't knows when or where she gonna die because of her boyfriend who is after her. But Amy might be falling for Zayn and a boy in Zayns band ( one direction) Zayn and Amy meet at a coffee shop after Amy breaks up with Her Ex boyfriend but Amy has done something to her boyfriend which makes him mad and now he`s after her blood !!


3. Its Okay I`ll Help You

Amys POV - 

It could not have been zayn malik, I think its someone who just looks like him I mean seriously what are the odds of me meeting zayn and now I'm going to sleep at his house.We was in his car now it was just a awkward silence no one was talking so I looked at him we both smiled. Then I quickly turned on the radio, I should of known that one direction would come on it was one thing I started to sing to it and zayn looked at me and started to sing. He had the most beautiful voice. Then suddenly he stopped the car “ what are you doing, where are we zayn !?!” I was so scared what was he going to do we was in the middle of no where it was so dark that I could not see outside and he had turned off the lights to his car.“ Z-zayn .....” I slowly said I looked at him “ yes babe” he said as he looked out side the window “ what are we doing here ??” he did not answer he just walked out the car and I decided to get out just incase, 
so that I could run away if he tried anything. Then I realised something he must be zayn malik from one direction he just answered to zayn I felt more safe. 

I looked around Oh My God we are at a beach “ Malik ?” I asked just to make sure it was his name but about two seconds after my phone went off it said 'unknown number' “ who's that?” he ask “I don't know it's unknown number ” I replied in a second my phone was gone he had taken it.

On The phone -

Zayn- Hello ?? who's this ? 
person- WHERE'S AMY?? 
Zayn put my phone on load speaker so that I could hear
Zayn- Who is this first ??
Person- she knows 
zayn gives me the phone 
Amy - hello 
Person- hi Amy 
Amy - hello ? 
Person - I'm coming to get you I'll get my revenge and when I'm finished you'll be DEAD
Amy- OH NO 
I was about to cry but zayn hugged me and whispered into me ear 
“ it's okay I'll help you” then he kissed me cheek he made me feel so safe it was like we was ready married.

Zayns POV - 

I had to do something to make her feel safer I'm guessing that was her ex on the phone. 

“ Uhh Amy... come in the car”
we step into the car “ I know this is crazy but .. will you go out with .. M-me” I looked at her

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