Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


8. On Hold...

Okay so this isn't an update...but I have some news...I will be placing this and all my other non-fanfic stories on hold for a while...I just don't have the time to update so many stories..I definitely bit off way too much than I could I feel like barely anyone even reads and of my non fanfic stories anyways. So this is why they are all on hold for a bit at least until I get a good part of my fanfics done:) I love you all and maybe i'll do a surprise update here and there if i get some inspiration:)

I love you guys...and it someone wants to help write any of these stories...I would honestly love you! But if you do...I won't be able to really help with the writing part but more with the idea yeah... JUST PUTTING THAT OUT THERE!

Love you guys:D

Toria xx
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