Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


7. Chapter 6


Not Another Cliché Love Story:     

Chapter: 6    

 ~Ka's POV~     

"I think you look a little too dressed up for this," Jace said from the driver's seat capturing my attention from the scenery we passed to him.   

"I looked like poop before and I was wondering if it’s okay if me, you, and Stef go out fro dinner later?" I ask him and I watch a  smile floats onto his face and into his eyes. He takes a hand off the steering wheel and entwines our fingers; his large strong hand fitting perfectly in between my small fragile hand.   

"So you're not dressed up for him, but for me?" He asked letting my hand go to be able to turn into Flo's Ice Cream shop, which was currently empty. I wasn't wearing anything too fancy it was just a pair of red skinny jeans, a tank top and simple grey blazer over it. The only really fancy thing about my outfit was the black ankle booties I had on, which went along with the yin yang necklace I had on. Nothing to over the top, but it was fancier thank what I usually wear which was a pair of skinny jeans, a random shirt, and a pair of converses or vans. 

"Yes, all for you Jace." I said smiling at him before kissing his cheek. 

"Do you want me to wait here or wait inside?" He asks me dragging out his sentence making him look really cute. 

"I don't really care, Jace you can wait here or in there." I said grabbing my purse off the floor and placing it my hands.

"I'll wait here so I don't interrupt you guys, but if he makes on wrong move! I will get out of this car and kick his ass!" Jace threatens letting his eyes go slightly dark from anger. I lean over and place my lips on his not kissing him just sitting there with out lips together. 

"I will cut his balls off before you even reach us babe." I said kissing his lips and sliding out of the car. When I reach the door I turn around and blow a kiss to Jace just to try and calm his nerves. He smiles at me before nodding, telling me that he was okay. I knew he wasn't, I mean what guy would be comfortable with his gir-erm I mean friend going and talking to her ex-boyfriend who you hate with a burning passion. I hear the jingle of the bell ring as I walk through the door, allowing everyone to know that I had just walked in. I do a quick sweep of the ice cream parlor and see Sean sitting alone with his back facing me. I sigh loudly enough to capture the attention of some of the people who were sitting near where I stood. One of them was a elderly lady probably around 65 years old, she sat with her husband at the small booth. 

"Hello, sweetie meeting someone here?" She asked me with a soft warm smile. Her husband wasn’t looking at me but at his wife, you could see the love and compassion in his eyes as his wife spoke. 

"Yes, actually I am a old erm...friend of mine." I said not wanting to explain my past relationship statuses with Sean. 

"Oh, meeting a old boyfriend I see?" She ask raising an eyebrow at me as I shift on my feet nervously. 

"Yeah, I just don't know what to do because I am kinda with someone else and he...he's just...I don't know how to explain." I say lowering my head towards the ground and shaking it. I was ashamed at myself that I was in a sense with Jace, but my mind still thinks of Sean. The good times though, the smiles, laughs, hugs we shared, not his drunk rampages, or his unpredictable actions when he was high. Before he ever met Bree, before he believed that blonde girl in our gym class over me. 

"You don't have to be ashamed about what your heart wants. It is always a mistake to deny it what it wants, trust me." She says looking at her husband, who only nodded her head at her. 

"10 years without you felted like a million centuries alone." He says looking at me with sadness at the memory. "I made the world's biggest mistake by letting you go." He says this more to his wife than to me. 

"If you don't mind me asking what happened?" I asked sitting down across from them in booth, allowing Sean to wait a little longer. He hadn’t heard me walk in because he had his earphones in and it was blasting music so loud that you could hear the bass from about 10 feet away. 

"We used to be best friends, we could never separated but was until he made a mistake that changed both of our lives forever." The elderly lady said whose name I had figured out was Elaine. 

"I chose to believe someone else over her, and after that we never spoke again. But even when she refused to speak or even look at me. I still loved her for a far, my friends would called me stupid for waiting for a girl who hated my guts." Elaine's husband Robert said while frowning at his past mistakes. Elaine entwines their finger reassuring that was the just a past memory that them together was their present. 

"We graduated high school and seven years later we ran into each other, he was working as a mechanic. I had brought my car into his shop, he instantly recognized me and asked me how I was." Elaine said pausing and letting Robert take over the rest of the story. 

"I found she had been engaged, but broke it off because she loved someone else. I never thought of that someone else me, but I was determined to make it. After a lot of begging and pleading she finally said yes, and it's funny because we came to this exact place where we came to meet up. After about two hours of talking, I made up my mind and told her that I was in love with since high school." Robert stops and looks at Elaine just smiles him. "She smiled at me afterwards and said the one thing I never imagined I hear her say...she said she loved me too. She told me that she had never hated me, but the effects I had on her. The way I had effected her so much, she had felted so weak and open, but secretly she had loved the feeling."   

"We sat there an just confessed everything we felt for each other for other hour." Elaine says smiling the biggest smile possible at Robert who returned smiled.  

"And here we are 30 years later, still married and just hopelessly in love with each other." Robert said kissing the tip of Elaine's nose and that moment I didn't see a old couple. No, at that moment i say the two teenagers who were hopelessly in love.   

"That is just amazing." I said breathlessly at the two only smiled at me. "I am going to go, and see Sean now." I said standing up and looking at the clock over Sean's head. It read 3:45, which meant I had been talking to Elaine and Robert for over 30 minutes. I walk over to Sean and lightly tap his shoulder which causing him to instantly look over at me and smile.   

“I thought you weren’t going to come.” He says solemnly before waving for me to sit in front of him.   

“Sorry I just got caught up talking to someone, who really helped me gather my nerves up to be able to come and talk to you.” I said looking outside where Jace was still sitting waiting for me to come out.

“So what did you want to talk about?” I ask him still looking out making me seem bored and uninterested.   

“Us.” Sean said quietly as he grabbed my attention towards him.   

“Us?” I whisper, causing him to only nod his head, this is the one thing I had been dreading to talk about. I knew that if Sean said the right words I would go and spill my guts on all the feelings I have for him just like Elaine had to Robert all those years ago.   

||: A/N  

I swear this chapters are getting worse and worse…ugh >_< sorry for the crappy chapter…



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