Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


6. Chapter 5


Not Another Cliché Love Story:   

Chapter 5:      

~Kasey's POV~          

It's been a little over two weeks since Jace and Sean got into that fight, I haven't talked to Sean like I promised myself I would do. I had actually tried to avoid him completely, strangely I now see him all the time around school. As for me and Jace, we haven't really talked about our relationship, but we act like we're together. I was walking towards my last class of the day which was Broadcast Media; I had that class with Jace, Anne, and Katie. I as I step into the media building I see him walking towards me with determination in his eyes. I hadn't talked to him or purposeful tried to follow him around, but I had seen him between all of my classes which made me finally decide that Sean was stalking me.    

"If you want something Sean isn't it better to ask me instead of following me around school like a creepy stalker?" I address him as he stops and stands in front of me with his hands in his pockets.   

"I didn't think that you wanted to see to me." He said solemnly looking towards the ground away from my eyes.    

"It's kinda hard not to see you when your stalking me." I said crossing my arms across my chest hoping that I looked bored rather than nervous. I really hoped that Jace was already in class waiting instead of on his way to class. Since I was standing in the only way possible to class with the one person who Jace literally wanted to kill.    

"I just want to talk, do you think we ca-" the shrilling bell cut him off as I turn around behind me hoping not to see Jace running to class.   

"You know what sure, we can talk but later I have to get to class; I can't afford other tardy unless you want me to get suspended cause I was talking to you?" I ask him as I start to walk towards class which was about a two minute walk away from where I stood.    

"Okay, do you still have the same phone number?" I nod my head to his question. "I'll text you." He stated before he walked away towards his next class which if I was right was Chemistry. I don't stop to watch him disappear, but instead I start jogging to class as my backpack hit my back making everything inside jingle with the rhythm of my jog. I reach the Media classroom just as Mrs. Rhodes is about to close the door I slip under her arm entering at the same moment as the final bell rings.     

"Ms. Cruz do you want to explain why you were coming so late to my class?" Ms. Rhodes as i rush down into my seat between Jace and Katie.    

"She was probably with her boyfriend!" Some in the back shouts making turn around and glare at the entire back row.    

"No her boyfriend was already in class when she walked in, I heard she was Sean." A freshmen whispered to her friend.    

"Where were you?" Jace whispered into my ear grabbing my attention from the whispers around me. How had everyone found out so quickly that I had talked to Sean. It wasn't even a real conversation, but that didn't seem to stop people from gossiping about it.   

"Sean was stalking me so I asked him what he wanted." I said fixing the gold superman symbol necklace that hanged down from my neck. Today I actually managed to get up early, so I looked semi-decent today. I wore my favorite pair of black skinny jeans, my purple We Are Young tee shirt, and my comic book Converse. I wore a pair of glasses with clear lens that I brought on our last trip to the mall which was about two weeks ago. Jace took my hand in his and wrapped his fingers through mine which made the starburst ring I had on shine in the light.    

"What did he want." He asked tensing up when I didn't answer him right away.    

"He wants to talk." I said looking back at the front of the classroom where Mrs. Rhodes who was giving a lecture on lighting.    

"You said no,right?" Jace said urgently capturing a few people's attention who were anxious to hear my response. I let out a deep breath I had been holding since I talked to Sean in the hallway. After a few seconds of relaxing silence I pulled my phone out and texted Jace.


To: Jace:)    

We can't talk in class everyone is listening... I didn't exactly say no. And before you go all protective boyfriend on me! I am gonna go talk to him at a public place with A LOT of people.    


After a minute Jace's phone lite up from his lap where I knew it had been sitting as he took notes on Mrs. Rhodes lecture. As he picked up his phone to text me back, I steal his notes and continue writing stuff down for him, after a few minutes he lightly yanks them bak. He wasn't happy about my plan I knew he wasn't going to be, he absolutely hated Sean; he wasn't going to just say: "Yeah Ka, I completely understand why you have to talk to Sean go ahead hey! I'll even give you a ride!" Yeah, no! Jace was the kind of person who kept the people he loved close to him and the people he hated as far away from them as possible. Lately he has always driven me home, refusing to let me drive myself in case Sean tried to talk to me again, but Sean had learned his lesson. He never went ten feet near me when Jace was around, he always kept his distance. Even then he was still always around me, but not close enough for Jace to notice his presence.    


To: Ka<3    

Yeah, no-.- NOT NOW NOT EVER!    


Wow, that was a lot less words then I thought it was going to be, honestly I was ready to read an entire essay.    


To: Jace:)    

I have too babe, I need to finally let him go say my final goodbye per say, and if youre worried about me doing something stupid...all I have to say...DO YOU NOT TRUST ME?   


I send the text and take Jace's notes back signaling I had sent him a text, which he received only a few moments later. He quickly replied, before kissing my cheek and stealing his notes back. By the way he was acting I could tell he still wasn't happy about my plan, but he was accepting I need to go through with this.    


To: Ka<3    

i understand and I do trust you its "him" i dont trust. Will you at least let me drive you there and pick you up?    


I smile at the text, making me look like a complete lunatic smiling at my lap. Jace was trying his best to help me, by letting me go see Sean and honestly if he tried the shit he tired last time he wanted to "talk". He was going to end up with mine and Jace's fists in his face. Whoa! Kasey when did you suddenly get to violent? I mental shook my head trying to rid my mind of those thoughts. I lean my head agains Jace's shoulder as his left arm finds it's way around my waist, which causes me to suddenly get closer to him. I smile up and him and take my pen and a draw a little heart on the corner of his open notebook.    

"I would love it if you drove me there, and thanks for being so cool about Jace. I would have hated if you would have gotten angry at me." I said kissing his jawline which made him smile as he took his notes.    

"Would you two please stop raping each other in class." Said Mikaela a short little blonde said from behind me. "Some of us are here to learn not have sex in the middle of class." I try my best to ignore her but she continues with her taunts. Jace gave up writing his notes and started to whisper things in my ear trying to calm me down, but at this point all I could hear were that stupid little bitch's words.    

"You know what if you aren't comfortable sitting behind me than get the fuck up and move!" I whisper shout her trying not to attract any attention, but people where starting to take notice. Mikaela was a short blonde, who had the tendency make horrible hair decisions, last year she dyed her hair cotton candy colors. This year she shaved a corner of her head off, trust me it might sound cool but it looked just plain stupid on her. She was your typical bitchy, little slut, but to add to that she was completely annoying and just plain stupid sometimes. Anne, Katie, and I called her little bitch, because of her height and attitude; some people have actually adopted the nickname and started calling her that.    

"Maybe I will." She gathering up her stuff and moving to a sit closer Mrs. Rhodes' desk.    

"She was smart to move, you would kicked her ass easily." Katie said laughing at my other side. I just shrug and pull out my notebook to try and take some of my own notes, but knowing Jace he would just make me a copy of his. The rest of the class went by really quickly, and soon I was packing my stuff up to finally leave school. I was putting my notebook away when my phone suddenly vibrated in my back pocket. The classroom was loud enough to cover the noise of my phone as I quickly put my notebook away and pulled my phone out.   


To: Kaaaaaayyyyy   

Hey...ummm...Kasey? It's Sea. I was wondering if you wanted to talk today?    


I had strangely had never deleted his number from my phone even when I got a new phone I still added his number in. I stare at the text, trying to think of how to response, after a little I figured I couldn't really decide this on my own.    

"Jace." I called him over to me showing him the text that Sean sent me; he grimaced at it before taking my phone and replying without even letting me look at what he typed.    


To: Sean   

That's fine met me at Flo's Ice Cream Shop after school    


I smile at Jace who was frowning at me with a annoyance clear in his eyes. I knew he wasn't at all happy about the fact that I was going to go see Sean, but I saw he understood why I had too.   

"You know, I am not exactly thrilled about this either." I whispered into Jace's ear as we wait for the bell to ring, releasing us to go home; or in my case releasing me to go meet Sean.    

"I know, you think I can stay over at your house again today." He said wrapping his arms around my torso pulling me closer to him.    

"Yeah, my parent have to stay a few months in Germany, so they wanted me to ask you if you could stay with me and Stephan." I said looking into his eyes as they started to sparkle with happiness.    

"Yeah, we'll pick up some dinner on our way home." He said kissing my cheek as the bell shrilled and we reluctantly got up to leave. We walked hand in hand to the school parking lot dreading the person who I had go talk to.    






||: A/N    I know I am a horrible person, I haven't updated in so long! I am so sorry!! I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! So there is this chapter:) It's a pretty short chapter i am so sorry...but I have been having soo much homework! I will try my best to work in some writing time to horrible random crazy schedule! So please keep Reading, Voting, and Commenting! ^_^ and please make sure to follow me on twitter:) @FallingForYou21    Love,     FallingForYou21 xoxo


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