Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


4. Chapter 3

~Kasey's POV~

I opened my eyes to sun light pouring through the windows of the living room I try to turn away from the light, but I felt Jace's arms tightly around me. We had ended up sleeping in the living room while watching Transformer. I somehow manage to turn myself around only to meet Jace's soft grey eyes that looked like liquid sliver. His slightly long hair sticking out in random directions while his eyes look at my dark brown ones.

"How long have you been watching me?" I ask wrapping my arms around his warm neck while he played with a strand of my hair. It was probably sticking out in odd angles thanks to all the tossing and turning I usually do.

"Not too long." His rough husky voice replies as he smiles and kisses my lips lightly. My eyes widen at him while his do the same as though he just realized what he did. He kissed me and this wasn't the first time, Jace had done it before. It was only about a year and a half ago when he kissed me, but that time I allowed myself to feel his lips on mine. It was the same day that Sean broke up with me and told me that he never wanted a relationship with me. I was waiting for Jace to come out of football practice, but while I did I felt anger and sadness cloud my heart. When Jace finally came out he say me and how broken I was he asked me who had hurt me and what happened, before I placed my hands on his cheeks. I had found only a few weeks back that this somehow had a calming affect on him, but while I focused my thoughts he pressed his warm soft lips on mine. I responded by pressing mine next to his and wrapping my arms around his neck. We ended up being rudely interrupted by Sean as he walked out and saw us, but that was only my desperation to make Sean jealous, but time I felt the need to kiss him again.

"I am sorry! I don’t know what came over me!" Jace rambled on before ending his rant with a loud annoyed groan. I needed another kiss, his kiss just felt so right. Right then and there it felt like I was meant to be woken up in his arm everyday. I did the most courageous thing I have ever done. I moved quickly as I slammed my lips against his again, shocking him at first before he started actually reacting. His lips moved in sync with mine as he bit my lower asking for entrance to my mouth, after a few more seconds of this I slowly open my mouth. Jace’s tongues reluctantly slides into my mouth and moves in time with mine as we stay connected.

“Um…Ka we need to leave in an hour so wake the hell up!” Stefan yells turning the corner into the living room before screaming. “JASON DUDE WHAT THE FUCK!? KA!!” Jace jumps away from me as I glare at my younger brother.

“Hey…Stefan.” Jace causally says while nervous running his fingers through his hair where my fingers were only a minute ago. Jace turns around locking his eyes with mine as he smiles at me and for the first time since Sean left me, I smiled back a full blow “I think I am in love” smile.

“Ka, we need to leave in an hour soo…yeah…go get ready, unless you plan on walking out looking like that?” Stefan asks staring at me looking for signs that me and Jace went beyond just kissing.

“I am gonna go home and change.” Jace states before getting up from the floor. “Ka is it okay if I can take your car?” He asks pointing outside where my car was parked.

“Yeah, just try to be twenty minutes early because I want to leave a little early.” I state pushing my hair back and walking towards the stairs with Stefan right behind me. “Great I am gonna get the whole ‘What the hell was that…If he hurts you I am gonna kill that douche bag’ speech I always get.” I thought as I waved goodbye to Jace and stormed up the stairs hoping that I could beat Stefan, but a course he over ran me and blocked my way to into the hallway.

“Okay, talk what the hell was that!?” He said following my script I created in my mind. This was the part where I responded that we kissed and it was nothing bad, then I scream at him for cutting it short and cue my response.

“I was kissing Jace is that such a problem?” I go to continue, but he cuts me off throwing off my mental script.

“I SAW THAT! I am mean why?” He asks softer toward the end.

“He kissed me good morning without thinking about it, and he started saying sorry and all that so I just kissed him to get him to shut up…and well you saw the rest.” I say blushing slightly towards the ends.

“I swear to God if he hurts you no matter what I am kicking his ass, but I won’t have that talk with him until you two are officially dating. Which hopefully won't be soon.” He mumble as the end.

“Why can’t I date him?” I ask swiftly trying to ignoring the look he gave me.

“Cause I really don’t want to deal with him after all the shit Sean went down. I don’t want to see you hurt like that again, Ka… I love you seeing you cry like that over someone like him it hurt me too. I don’t want to see you like that again I love seeing you happy and smiling.” He says bringing me into his arms for a huge hug.

“Stefan, I’ll be careful don’t worry about me I am stronger now then when Sean happened. Plus I don’t think Jace would hurt me the way that Sean did, remember he was there too when it happened. He saw me hurt and he hated it so I doubt he’ll hurt me.” I say smiling at the end of how Jace was my rock in that dark time after Sean.

“Okay, but don’t fall to quickly for him like did with-” Stef was interrupted by the doorbell. I walk down the stairs and into the hallway leading to the front door when the doorbell rung again.

“I am coming!” I scream walking to the door and unlocking it. I stop and take a breath to look around in case I need a weapon to defend myself, I spot one of Stef’s baseball bat about a foot from the door. I let out a breath and open the door as I peer out the door I see the last person I wanted to see now

“Kasey.” He says smiling at me. I blink a good ten times trying to see if I was imaging the person who I was seeing in front of me.

“Ka who was at the door?” Stefan says stepping into the hallway with me before going into his over protective brother mode and started screaming at him. “WHAT THE FUCK ARE DOING HERE!! YOU KNOW WHAT NEVER MIND GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM US!” I stand frozen in my spot as Stefan pushes me behind as he starts arguing with the last person I want to see. I peer around Stefan trying to get a look at his face as he trying to get my younger brother to let him talk to me. My eyes lock with his as his yelling stops and he whispers at me to just talk to him.

~Jace’s POV~

“Kasey kissed me. She kissed me. KASEY KISSED ME!” I mumbled to myself in her white BMW. The girl of my dreams kissed me! Happiness was just running through my veins at this point. I was on my way back to Ka's house after a quick shower, I changed into a white tee and grey skinny jeans and a pair of black vans. I was excited to see her again, but this time I'm going to be able to see her as more than my best friend. After a few more minutes I get tired of the silence and turn on the radio. i was about five minutes away from Kasey's house since I had to go fill up her car cause it was almost empty. I pull up to a stop sign and change the station where Make Me Proud by Drake featuring Nicki Minaj was on. I turn the radio up and pull away from the stop sign and sign along to Drake.

I like a woman with a future and a past.

A little attitude problem all good, it’ll make the shit last

Don’t make it too easy girl, don’t take it too fast

Yeah that’s it there , that’s it do it just like that

Only you could do it just like that and I love it when your hair still wet

Cause you just took a shower

Running on the treadmill and only eating salad

Sound so smart like you graduated college

Like you went to Yale, but you probably went to Howard knowin you

Weekend in Mami tryin to study by the pool

Couple things due but you always get it done

Mighta been a time when I loved her too…

After the song fades out, I turn onto Kasey's street and look for her house that looks slightly different from all the other ones. I turn to pull into her driveway when I notice a white mustang sitting in her driveway. None of her family or her friends drove one, unless she had a family member I never met or a new friend. I park the car while leaving the car on for a few more minutes before shutting the car off completely. As I hopped out of the car I heard screaming coming from the front door of the house. It wasn't Ka who was screaming it sounded like two guys, the first person that came to mind was Stefan. Ugh...what has Stefan gotten himself into this time, a couple of weeks ago he got into this fight with a senior for disrespecting his sister, I found him in time to pull the weak senior off of him. He made me swear not to tell Kasey; I didn't I knew she would freak out and go into full out mother mode. So instead we lied and said we were playing tackle football and things got a little rough. She seemed to believe, but now she's probably freaking out that some random guy is at her door.

"Stefan what did you do this time." I scold turning around the corner and facing the last person I ever excepted on seeing at Kasey's house.

"Sean, what the fuck are you doing here?" I asked rudely cussing which I never do unless I happen to be talking to Sean Christopher Jades. He was standing in front of Kasey's door, looking exactly how he did two years ago. I hadn't seen him since freshmen year, when he was kicked off the football team for starting a fight with one of other players.

"He wants to talk to Kasey." Stefan told me while blocking the way into the house, making sure that Sean didn't get anywhere near to Kasey.

"Well, she doesn’t want to see you so how about you leave." I growled at him while he glared at me with all his anger fueling his next action. He moved fast and his fist landed on my face as I managed to return it.

"STEFAN DO SOMETHING!" I heard Kasey scream behind Stefan. I know that Stefan could take him, Stefan had a good 3 inches on Sean, but Sean was still pretty strong but Stefan was two times faster and smarter. I knew that if it came to the two of them fighting Stefan could win easily, but I didn't want Stefan to get all the glory. No, I wanted to be the one that protected Ka from all the assholes and douche bags out there. As Sean went to throw another punch Stefan managed to pull him back and landed a punch on his jaw, then went and did the same thing on Sean's stomach. I wiped off any blood from my lip as I pull Stefan off Sean and throw Stefan towards the house as I start wailing on Sean letting all my anger full every single punch.

"Maybe now you'll understand not to mess around with Kasey! Cause, she'll always have someone to protect her whether it's me or her brother." I scream at him, as I dodge his punches while punching him.

"I would never hurt her because I love her." He growls at me, stunning me enough to stop and let my guard down. He sees this as the perfect opening and hits me square in the jaw. He goes to throw another one, but stops as Kasey's small fragile figure appears before me.

"Sean leave now." She says sternly while glaring at him with hate.

"Not until you talk to me." He replies.

"I am helping you out here just leave, trust me you don't want to be here." She says staring at the black and white car driving slowly down the road and pulling to a stop in front of her house.

"What is going on here!" Shouts the tall, bulky officer as he steps out of his car. I smirk at Sean; Kasey called the cops during the fight.

"This asshole came over demanding to talk to my sister, but after I told him that she didn't want to talk to him. He still stayed here, and when Jason came over he told him to leave too, but he insisted on talking to her. Until Jason told him she didn't want to talk to him, and he punched him. I can show you everything, it's on the security camera." Stefan finished explaining while pointing to the small camera I had never noticed.

"I think I will take that tape with me." Said the officer.

"I can go get it." Kasey offered as the officer walked up and stood between me and Sean and took in our injuries. I could feel the blood flowing from my lips and from slightly above my eyebrow. While Sean was bleeding from his nose and had a few cuts on his cheeks.

"Okay I need you two to get in the car, where heading downtown so we can get this cleared up." The officer said while pushing me towards the front of the and pulling Sean towards the back. I step in looking at the front door where Kasey had disappeared into to go get the security camera footage of the fight.

"Wait you can't take him." Kasey yelled as she saw me climbing into the front door.

"Miss I need to take them in for questioning, but if you like you could take one of them down to the station.” He compromised with her.

"I'll take Jace with me, but I need to drop off my younger brother at his football practice." She said pointing at Stefan with his practice bag on his shoulder waiting for Kasey.

"I can escort you but if you are going to take one of them I will need to put handcuffs on him." He said pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

"Jace is that okay?" She softly asks me. I turn slightly getting a small look at Sean's hard, cold, and angry facial expression.

"It's fine." I said sternly while placing my hands behind my back as I felt the officer secure them around my wrist.

"I'll follow you.” The officer said lightly pushing me towards Ka as she tenderly took my arm and leaned up and kissed my now swollen lips.

"I am sorry Jace." She said timidly.

"It's okay Ka he had it coming, come on lets get this over with." I say while Ka nods her head and leads me into her car where Stefan was already waiting with a small smirk on his face.

"You hurt the douche bag pretty bad." He said full on smiling at all the pain I inflicted on Sean.

“Like I told your sister he deserved it, plus he threw the first punch it was self defense, but Stefan you punched him too.” I said remembering that Stefan punched him too.

“Oh! Yeah! HAHA!! That was fun, but I won’t get in trouble I was protecting you and Ka.” He says as we pull up to the school. “I’ll catch a ride with Jacob okay Ka, promise you’ll be careful.” He says while kissing Ka’s cheek and stepping out of the car. She softly smiles at him, but then her face turn back into a tight frown.

“Kasey I am sorry, I brought you into this.” I apologize to her as she pulls away from the school and towards the police station.

“Haha, Jace I should be the one apologizing because I was the one that brought him into our lives, but I promise that after this I going to make sure that leaves is alone for good.” She said softly. “But, Jace I am going to talk to him.” She tells me.


“I owe him at least one conversation, plus this is going to help me finally get rid of all my past feelings for him and I can focus on us.” She replies in a whisper.

“There’s actually an us?” I ask lowering my voice to match her’s. She goes silent and I wait about a five minutes before I finally get a response.

“I don’t know… I want there to be.”

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