Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


3. Chapter 2

 ~Jace POV~  

"Well...I don't know about you but I am in the mood for horror." I said smirking down at her as her arms slightly tighten around my stomach at the mere suggestion of horror movies.    

"You're kidding right!" Kasey exclaimed. I was more of a comedy kind of person, but Ka hated horror and would cuddle up next to me just to get away from the scary scenes on the t.v.    

"I was being serious."

    "Nope, not happening!"    

"Come on Ka! Please!"    


  "PLEASE!" I pleaded as the timer on Ka's phone went off and she moved her arms and walk towards the oven.

"Did we just stand here for twenty minutes arguing?" 

"Apparently." Ka said as she pulled the pizza out of the oven.   

"That look AMAZING!" I said as Ka took the pizza cutter and sliced the pizza into ten slices.    

"That's cause I made it." 

"Ka, I swear you have a bigger ego than Sean." I said without thinking. I snapped my head up to make sure Ka didn't start breaking down and crying at the mere mention of his name.  

"Haha! He did always have a huge ego, but no my ego is tiny compared to his." She said laughing.   

"KASEY!" I heard a guy yell from the front door.

"Ummm? Excepting anyone?" I asked as Ka ran to the front door, as I followed her.  

~Kasey POV~

  "Kasey!" I heard my brother yell from the front door.   

"Ummm? Excepting anyone?" Jace asked as I ran towards my brother.    

"Hey Stefan, not that I don't love you but what are you doing here? I thought you were staying at Jacob's?" I asked as he locked and closed the door.    

"Why would I do that?" Stefan pauses before he realized." Mom and dad had a business trip and forgot to call Jacob's parents huh?" He said as he put his keys in pockets and walked into the kitchen.

"Hey, Jason." He said as he grabbed a slice of pizza and headed to his room.    

"Stef! Did you do your homework?" I asked trying to seem serious instead I ended up laughing at the end of my sentence.    

"Haha! Ka don't even try to seem parental." Jace said behind me. It's true, me and my little brother got along great except for the some small arguments. We were basically best friends so me trying to be parental, is a huge joke to my brother.    

"Haha, you agree too that it's not a good look on her?" Stef said behind me. Stefan was a two years younger than me and barely looked anything like me. Stef had a strong, tall, stocky build from all the soccer he plays, he has light slightly long brown hair that be inherited from my dad and my mom's dark brown eye's like mine. I on the other hand was the completely opposite of Stef. I was about 4 inches shorter than his 5'6 frame, mid-back long straight black hair, and the only thing we have alike is our dark alluring brown eyes.     "I think one day, she will be an amazing mother." Jace said quietly.    

"Ummmm...okay whatever just try to be quiet and not screw each okay!" Stef said as he ran up the stairs with a slice of pizza and a soda.    

"STEFAN!! NOT FUNNY!" I scream up the stairs. As I stomp back down the stairs I walk down to see Jace laughing at me. "It's not funny Jace." I say with a straight face.    

"Okay okay, I'll let you pick the movie if you forgive me?" He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist and dragged to the living room.    

"Hmmm? I don't know, you did piss me off soo.." I said teasingly as I head into the the large couch in the living room.    

"Ka." I heard Jace whisper into my ear as I went to sit down, but since his arms were around me it made it almost impossible. "I am sorry." He says as kisses my cheek.    

"Transformers." I respond.    

"Ummmm? Excuse me?" Jace said as he unwrapped his arms around me.   

"You said you would let me choose the movie and I choose Transformers." I say as I walk towards the small cabinet under the T.V with all the DVDs inside as I pulled all three movies.    

"Which one?" Jace said leaving the living room while I was messing with the DVD player. He was in the kitchen fixing up two plates of pizza and grabbing drinks.    

"Ummm? Wanna have a Transformers marathon?" I say as the screen burst to life with as the previews start. All of them were old movies since I decided to go in order so the first Transformers was up first.    

"Haha. Only you Ka, sure we can watch of them since tomorrow is Saturday I dont mind staying up late." Jace said with a smile as he walked back into the living room with two plates piled on top of each other and two sodas resting in his arms.    

"SHIT!! Tomorrow's Saturday!"    

"Yeah....soo..." Jace said reluctantly.   

"Stefan has his first pratice tomorrow! We have to drive him to the school at 6:00!" I say i jump of the couch and head towards Stef's room. "Stefan!!" I yell as i enter his room, he was sitting on his bed video chatting with our parents I bursted into his room.    

"Kasey?" I heard my mom say from the computer.

"Is everything okay?" She asks as her voice fills with concern. I move towards Stefan's bed and sit down next to him as he slightly moves his laptop so we are both visible.    

"Yeah, mom everything is fine. I just remembered that Stefan practice in the morning and I need to drive him at 6." I say while I take in seeing my mom's eye sadden at the realization she won't be able to see her son's first football practice.    

"Oh Yeah! I almost totally forgot about that." Stefan said I glanced up and saw Jason leaning in the doorway of Stefan's room.    

"I am sorry we won't be there sweetie." My mom says sadly.    

"It's cool, Mom there will be others." Stefan said solemnly.    

" mom? Is it cool if ummm...Jason spends the night?" I ask as i see my dad's eyes look from his phone for the first time since I started talking. He looked at me and studied my face and eyes for a while til he responded.    

"It's fine with me as long as he doesn't try any funny business." My dad says almost threatening Jace.    

"Thank you sir, and ummm...No funny business you got it!" Jace says speaking up for the first time since he had walked in.   

"I am not letting you stay there for you, but for me." My dad said.    

"Ummm? I don't understand sir?" Jace responded with respect but confusion.    

"I want you to make sure nothing happens to my little girl or my house!" My dad said clearly leaving Stefan out.    

"Ummmmm? Dad what about me?" Stefan asks.

"I can protect Kasey and the house." He said clearly his little manly ego has been crushed.    

"It doesn't hurt to have Jason there too, plus don't you have practice too Jason?" My dad addresses Jason.   

"Yes. Sir, but my practice doesn't start until almost two hours after Stefan's." He replied.    

"Oh, I see." my dad responded. "Well, then we'll let you all go to sleep then."    

"NIGHT DADDY! NIGHT MOMMY!" I yelled as I sent them a kiss.    

"Good night Mr. And Mrs. Cruz." Jace said formally.    

"Night dad, night mom." Stefan said before they both wave and said goodnight too, as Stefan signed off Skype and turned off his laptop. "Well, I gonna go to sleep Night Ka. Night Jason." He said before pulling the cover around himself and drifting almost instantly off to sleep.    

"Night Stef." I said as i grabbed his laptop off his bed and kissed his forehead. "Let's go back down to the living room." I whispered to Jason who only nodded. As we walked out of Stefan's room I placed his laptop down on his desk and quietly closed the door behind me and I stepped into the hallway.    

"Soo? No movies?" Jace asked.   

"I guess not." I sighed as I walked down to at least eat my pizza before heading off to bed.    

"Awww...and I was looking forward to hear all of your complains on what they did wrong." Jace said teasingly.

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