Not Another Cliche Love Story (On Hold)

Its the classic love story girl falls in love with her best friend. After years of friendship they confess their love and end up together, but what if every one of these story had not one but two best friends. Meet Kasey Marie Cruz a junior at Moonsky High School, when her friendship with her best friend of two years slowly starts to change into more than friendship she can't help but fall hard for him. All the while her old best friend Sean tries to win her back all costs. Which best friend will she choose or she even choose one of them?


2. Chapter 1

       Chapter 1:

  *Two Years Later*      

"Ahhhhhhh!! JACE!! YOU STUPID DOUCHEBAG!! PUT ME DOWN!" I screamed at Jason as he puts me down from the tight hug he had me embraced in.   

"Haha! I love you too Ka." He said taking my hand as we walk towards my car. It glistened in the parking lot as the sun's ray hit the hood of my white BMW.   

"Have I ever told you how lucky you are to have this car?" Jace says as I opened the car.  

" haven't" I say sarcastically as I turn over the engine and start the car, while Jace is messing with the radio.   

"Well, then in that case. KASEY MARIE CRUZ YOU ARE THE LUCKIEST PERSON ON EARTH SINCE YOU HAVE A BMW!" Jace screamed as I pulled out of the school parking lot.

    "Are you done making my ears bleed?" I say as slow down as the light turned red. 

  "Nope! Let's listen to some heavy metal music." He said flipping the station that was currently playing Take Care by Drake. 

  "HELL NO!! I actually like this song, plus you know how much I hate metal." I said frowning at the thought of the screech music. 

  "So...after this song is over?" He smirked at me as he reached over towards the radio.   

"Here, Jace I'll make you a deal you change the radio and I'll drop you off in the middle of the road and you can walk home!" I said smirking back at him, only momentary taking my eyes off the road. Jace frowned at my threat and slowly took his hand away from the radio. There was a pretty long moment of silence after my threat, but it wasn't one of those awkward moments more one of peacefully moments. I was too focused on the road to even notice that Jace's hand was on top of my right one that was on the steering wheel. These type of moments were actually pretty normal in my life, some people thought we were dating. Now let me clear something up, me and Jace were best friends although I had only known him for two years.   

"Soo, where are going?" Jace said as I kept driving. 

  "My house I'll make you food and we can watch some movies." I said plainly.

    "Aww, Ka is this a date?" Jace said teasing  me. 

  "Yes, Jace this is a date and I expect us to have sex today! Okay Got it!" I said rolling my eyes at my best friend. 

  "Ka, I didn't know you wanted me that bad. But a course I am pretty sexy." Jace said. I pulled my car into the driveway of my two story large house. Jace lived in the same neighborhood, but lives about 4 blocks from my house. 

  "Jace, get the fuck out of my car and into my bed now!" I tried to say as straight faced as I could.

  "Oh, feisty." Jace said as he grabbed his backpack from the back seat and pulled out his keys. Somewhere in between our two years of friendship, he gained enough of my trust that I actually gave him a copy of my house keys.  

  "Ladies first." He said holding open the door.   

"MOM! DAD!?" I yelled as I walked into the kitchen and saw a note on the kitchen counter.     



We had to go out on a small business trip. Your brother is staying at Jacob's house make sure to pick him up for school. I am assuming Jason is going to be over here a lot. BEHAVE! and order food if you get hungry. We put more money on your debit card about $900. Don't go crazy! Be back in a week.   


Mom and Dad xoxo   


"My parents are gone for a week." I said as I folded the note and placed in my back pocket.   

"Party!!" Jace said as he ran upstairs towards my room.  

"Umm...Jace?" I said as I walked towards the stairs that led to my room.

  "Huh?" I heard him respond with as I made my way up the stairs. 

  “WE ARE NOT HAVING A PARTY!” I said as I walked into my room and saw Jace laying on my bed trying to look seductive. “Ummmm, Jace?” 

  “Yeah, Ka?” Jace said as he pulled himself up and grabbed my hand to pull me along with him back down on the bed with him.   

“Jace?? I hope you know I was kidding about getting in my bed know...” I said from on top of Jason. When he pulled me back down he managed to make me fall on top of him, as his arms were wrapped around me.  

“I know! So do me two huge favors!” He paused at I tried to get up but his arms were wrapped so tightly wrapped around me I couldn’t move. “First, get off of me and second go make me food!” Jace had finally loosen his tight grip on my waist and I managed to pull myself off him. 

  “Now it seems like we are married no sex, but I do have to feed you.” I sighed as I swung my legs off the bed and onto the floor.   

“Stop being so weird go make me food.”   

“UGH! Fine!”   

“Mind making your amazing pepperoni and bacon pizza?” Jace said as he threw me puppy eyes. 

  “Okay.” I yelled as I stepped out of my room towards the kitchen. “JACE! ARE YOU GONNA HELP ME!” I yelled as I planted both my feet on the first story’s floor.   

“ there in a few.” Jace replied as I headed towards the kitchen. 

  “Stupid boys making me cook for them.” I mumbled angry as I pulled out all the ingredients out of the pantry.       

~Jace POV~   

" there in a few." I yelled down the stairs as I heard Kasey mumbling about stupid boys and something about not ever getting married. I silently laughed at that thought Kasey is a hopeless romantic I know for a fact that one day is she going to fall in love and get married. There was a part of me that wished I could make her fall in love with me, that I could be the one that stole her heart and I wanted to be her husband one day. I loved her. I truly did it wasn't lust, it was love that I felt for her. She was just amazing her sweet vanilla scent, her dark brown eyes, her lush smooth dark hair, her caramel skin, and her amazing smile. I had only been friends with her for about two months, when I started to notice that the feelings I had for her had changed. It felt like something inside me clicked,one day she was my funny, caring best friend and the next she was this beautiful caring strong, independent woman that I wanted all to myself. I could tell Ka didn't even notice all the little hints I left here and there trying to make her see how much I truly cared about her. Her heart was still broken from, the horrible fall out she had with her ex-best friend Sean, a couple of months after he had humiliated her front of the entire gym. I found her crying in the hallway of the gym, it was after school and she had been waiting for me to finish up football practice. I was walking out of the locker room and heading towards the door when I noticed her in the hallway cuddled against the wall, I had seen her before sad and depressed but never like this.   


"Ka!" I asked as I ran towards her slouched figure as she rested her head against the wall in the hallway. 

  "Huh?....ohh Jace...ummm nothing." Kasey said quickly as her hand reached her eyes and wiped as many of the tears she could with her trembling hand. 

  "Ka, what happened did someone hurt you? Kasey I swear whoever hurt will pay for what they have done I will make sure of it!" I said through my clenched teeth. I was telling her the truth, never in my life had I seen someone so hurt and broken like how Kasey was, not even my sister Anna was this heartbroken when her fiance left her.   

"Jace." Ka said softly as she quietly laughed at my anger.  

"Ka..." I said barely above a whisper. I moved so I was now facing her and her piercing dark eyes bore into my liquid silver eyes. I sat there and studied her face and her eyes to see if it would give just a small clue to what had happen. Her hand reached for my cheek and I slightly bowed my head down so she wouldn't have to reach too far. The moment her warm tear stained hand touched my face, I felt a small shock of fire on my cheek. Her other hand found its way towards my other cheek and the same burning sensation began on my cheek. Slowly the burning grew and started to take over my body and every little piece of me wanted to freeze this moment and live in it forever.   

"Jace...I...I..." Kasey struggled with her words so instead I did the one I had been dying to do...kiss her. Her smooth pink lips molded perfectly on mine and we moved in sync as Ka’s arms went around my sweaty neck.  


  "Sean!" Ka said quickly pushing me aside. My back was turned to Sean and the only thing that I seemed to notice is Kasey's terrified eyes.  

"Why were you kissing this faggot?" Sean said angrily.   

“SEAN! I don’t think it matter who I kiss, because last time i checked I was single and free to do WHATEVER THE HELL I WANT!” Kasey screamed back at Sean, as she used my now standing body to lift herself off the floor.   

“Kase, I know that you’re hurt and I am sorry I never meant to lead you on.” Sean said softening his eyes as they tried to find Kasey’s that were currently looking at me.

“I don’t care anymore Sean, just leave me alone.” Kasey replied coldly as she took her hand laced her fingers in mine and walked towards the school parking lot.   

“I never meant to hurt you Kasey.” Sean said over his shoulder as he walked in the opposite direction.

  “Haha! I knew I was stupid to trust him.” Kasey mumbled as she pulled my keys out her pocket.   

~End Flashback~  

That day since it was a Friday I stayed over at her house and watched a bunch of random movies with her as I let her mumble on and on that all guys are douchebags. We never talked about the kiss we shared and made me want her even more than I already did.   

“JASON MATTHEW WALKER!!!” Kasey screamed from the kitchen snapping me out of my thought and into the present.   

“KASEY MARIE CRUZ!!!” I screamed back as I started walking down the stairs.   

“ What the hell happened to a ‘few’ huh?” She said placing her hand on her hips and making her look really cute.   

“ see I had to peek a sneak at your diary while I was up there alone.” I said smirking at her, as I snaked my arms around her stomach as she prepared the pizza to go in the oven.  

“Cute. Honestly that’s really cute that you even...THINK I have a diary.” She said throwing a bunch of cut up bacon pieces on the pizza.   

“I know....ummm...Kasey...not enough bacon.” I said taking my right hand off her stomach and taking a huge handful of bacon and throwing it on the pizza.   

“Oh! Good!” She said moving to open the oven, as I very slowly unwrapped my arms from her. “For a second I thought you were gonna do something stupid and start a food fight that I would end up convincing you to clean up.” She said smirking at me.   

“Nope, no food fight.” I said as I put my hand above to show that I wasn’t planning anything. 

  “Good. So what movie are we gonna watch?” She said wrapping her small arms are my waist and hugging me. 

||: A/N   

Well...hello there:) There you have it chapter 1 since people have been asking me for a update:)  Please give me some feed back:)



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