The blue binder

My grandma died two years ago from lung cancer. I never exactly knew her but, my dad gave me a blue binder. It contained poetry she written, stories and art. I want to share it with world in my grandma's honor and I knew this is what she would want. Even though, I did not know her well, I love her so much and I know she deserves this.


1. Your Hand

When my world falls down around me, and the ground is sinking sand;
When peace can't be found on this Earth, I reach out for your hand.
Then when your hand wraps around my own, a strength pours from your soul, it brings me to a quiet calm, till once agian I am whole.A peace beyond all reason, a rest there in your touch;something in your quiet words, my heart yearns for so much. If I rest my worries upon your shoulder there;the strength that pours fourth from your soul will wash away each care.
Like a cool, sweet taste of water, my heart finds peace, my soul is calm; When I reach out for your hand
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