The blue binder

My grandma died two years ago from lung cancer. I never exactly knew her but, my dad gave me a blue binder. It contained poetry she written, stories and art. I want to share it with world in my grandma's honor and I knew this is what she would want. Even though, I did not know her well, I love her so much and I know she deserves this.


3. Whisper your love.....

I yearn for you so.
Sometimes I don't know how I'll get through
Another night alone.
And then suddenly, it's your face I'm hearing; it's your eyes I'm looking into.
I feel your arms around me.
They offer so much warmth.
They comfort me like angel wings.
And I'm all the stronger; I know I'll get through
Another night ......
And another day...
When you whisper your love.
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