The blue binder

My grandma died two years ago from lung cancer. I never exactly knew her but, my dad gave me a blue binder. It contained poetry she written, stories and art. I want to share it with world in my grandma's honor and I knew this is what she would want. Even though, I did not know her well, I love her so much and I know she deserves this.


4. Hope

It's magic and it's free, it's not prescription, it's not in an I.V. It punctuates out laughter,
It sparkles in our tears, it shimmer under sorrow, and dissipates our fears.
Do you know what hope is? It's reaching past today, it's dreaming of tomorrow, trying a new
Way, pushing past impossible, it's pounding on the door, it's questioning awnsers, it's always
seeking more.
Do you know what hope is?
It's candy for the soul, perfume for the sprit. To share it make us whole.
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