Another story from a while ago sorry for mistakes and advice welcomed :D


1. artemis

                                                          ARTEMIS IN THE WOODS

The wind howled like a warning as she took another step towards the daunting darkness of the wilderness. One more step and she would be in the woods, which many people had tried to avoid. What was it that attracted Artemis to this forbidden forest, where no birds sang and no light shone?
Ever since her mother had gone missing in this particular tree-infested area, no one had dared trespass on these grounds until now. She had used the excuse of it being a dare, least there wont be many questions from her father, who thought his daughter was going mad already.

 At first she had just wanted a peek but now it was something more, a longing to explore the crime scene, and she was going to. Probably. The questions were swarming round her head, pressuring her to find out the answers, that was what made her take the plunge into blackness. She pulled out her intensely bright torch, which was now beginning to dim. The silence was alarming, but it was abruptly broken by a the sound of a twig snapping behind her which set her extremely slow pace, into a quick trot into a full on run for her life. The sound of  footsteps filled the once-silent air , but whether it was hers or something else she was unsure. A creature? Maybe...
It was the low threatening growl which made her certain it wasn't a human. But there was something about it that made her think it was not a normal animal either.

A slicing sound came from behind her and as she turned her head to the left she saw a dark shadow in the shape of a... Lion? No. It was too big to be a Lion. Something smooth which brushed against her right shoulder interrupted her thoughts. There were two.  She stopped with a slight jolt. She turned and ran further into the wrath of the impenetrable forest. She now had a slight lead against the determined pests. Maybe they were Ligers. She had heard about them before. Like a lion with faint stripes, and they were far bigger than a Tiger and a lion put together for length. As she ran on, her torch began to flicker, then it cut out. Bad timing. Still, she ran on hoping for a miracle, but things just got worse. The beasts were catching up. Now there were 10, coming from all directions. More and more were trapping her in a corner forcing her to surrender. Luckily, she saw a faint glow in the distance. This was either really great, or bad. Horrifyingly bad. She could now make out the creatures, kind of. They did resemble a Liger but they were a variety of colours. Black, Brown, Grey; mainly dark colours but one bright Purple one came forward snarling not only at her but at the others. The pack Leader. Not good! She quickly decided to take her chances and she ran towards the light. As she ran closer the light got bigger and bigger until she could vividly see a house which reminded her strangely of Hansel and Gretel. Funnily enough, an old woman stumbled out, but she looked innocent enough...

She looked worried- she was either really good at acting, or being genuine- so Artemis risked a quick glance back, and sure enough the mysterious creatures skidded to a halt when the sunlight began. Still the old lady rushed her inside; not so innocently. Either way it was warm and comforting inside so she was content enough for now. However, the constant mumbles and smirks from the stranger became worrying after a while and Artemis began to get suspicious, but as she tried to sneak out of the unusual house, her wrist was met by a steady, cold hand, which began to drag her towards another door, which looked like it lead to the basement. The woman ( which the more she looked at the more she seemed to resemble a raven) reached for a yellow-stained switch, and the underground room lit up gradually. Artemis gasped. Although it had been several years since she had seen her mother, she could never forget her perfect face, which was staring at Artemis from the bottom of the unsteady stairs leading to the deadly basement. She felt a bony hand press slightly against her back, but although slightly it was still firm and it knocked Artemis off balance and it sent her flying. For a split-second she felt free, like a bird until she felt a warm, surging rush throughout her mind as it sharply hit a near-middle step and she did an accidental forward roll and this time it was her ribs which  took a harsh blow.  Next came the concrete floor that made the whole of her left side throb in agony. She lay there, blood covering most of her body. At first she just lay staring at the wicked old murderous psycho but then she made her final efforts to stare at her beautiful mother, who had obviously also realized that it was her very own brave daughter. Artemis saw, in the corner of her eye, the raven-like woman aim a blade at her vulnerable mother. If Artemis was capable of pushing her mother out of the way she would have. She would have even taken the consequences, even if it meant death. Anything for her beloved mother. Anything. But as she tried she just slumped down helplessly and watched the blade slice through her mothers smooth skin, blood spilling uncontrollably over her torn rags. Artemis used all her strength to move her hand into her mothers, and they stared into each other’s dull deathly eyes, and her Mum weakly whispered ' I love you,'

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