while you are here

a random poem from a while ago thought id add it for the competition :D advice welcome xx


1. while you are here


Never shed a tear

While you were here,

I would never shed a tear,

I may have complained,

That you were just a pain,

Until you were going insane.


You were off school,

But I was too cool,

So I didn't care,

I didn't realise your friendship was so rare.


You were in hospital,

looking so little,

so innocent and weak,

but my tears did not leak,

until I was told,

that it was more than a cold,

You were just 12 years old.


It was only when you closed one eye,

I realised you told not one lie,

but it was now time to say goodbye.

I screamed it's not too late,

And that started some debate,

But in the end,

Someone did lend,

That one special heart,

Letting our friendship restart.


In that one moment of doom

All had seemed gloom,

But we both saw the light,

Then all seemed right...


Now we walk in the park,

Until it grows dark,

remembering the past,

hoping that this moment shall last.


We sing that friendship is the best,

No matter how much of a test,

As long as we stick together,

As strong as leather,

While you are here,

I will never shed a tear.

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