hunger games remake

A hunger games remake based in district 11 written a while ago now but i just found it in my documents so ya knoowww. Sorry for any mistakes :) advice/ criticism welcome :D thanks xx


1. intro

The images of my little sister being whipped and my baby brother bawling his eyes out haunt my mind, making me twist and turn on my lumpy bed. It was the icy drop of water, that I assumed had creeped through the hole in the roof, falling on to my cheek which dragged me away from the painful nightmares. My eyes flickered in the blinding light, as my hands grabbed what I thought was my usual stained mattress. It wasn't the rough supporter I was use to. It was damp. Dew. I sat bolt up right and the names 'Cherry...Poriel!' slipped out of my mouth, echoing across the fruitful fields. My hands automatically clasped round my mouth. I must have fallen asleep on my night shift. My mind spins and my eye sight becomes blurry as I get to my feet. I'm surprised I haven't been spotted yet, considering Peacekeepers were swarming around the area, because sure enough this would be the best time to escape. The best time meaning... the reaping. The most dreaded time of every year, and it will continue as long as the Capitol rules, or more specific... President Snow. The reaping is a time when 24 children (aged 12-18), 1 girl and 1 boy from every district are forced to go into a giant arena – themed differently every year- to fight there opponents to the death, out of 24 only 1 survives, so its a battle for survival. The dizziness was fading as I saw the Peacekeeper begin to patrol on the lane I was now standing, which made me crouch back down again. I began to scramble through the plants which lead to the next working lane. It sounds like a factory, the name 'working lane' – which is what they call the paths (which the vines and bushes weighed down with scrumptious fresh fruits are kept on) where everyone in district 11 works. As soon as you can walk you are found a job of some sort, usually gathering a variety of vegetables and fruits, but the best job is collecting the cherries in cherry trees, mainly because it's easier to sneak this type of fruit home, and the taste is magnificently juicy and mouth watering. That's how it used to be. Now its even stricter. That's what my little sister is named after, a luxurious treat, the small and sweet cherry. Where as my little brother who starts work tomorrow, has the name Poriel, which means fruit of god.

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