Ok so technecly I'm a 19 year old girl dating the mysterious Liam Payne but my life is flipped upside down when I get some shocking news


4. The answer

Ariana's POV


   " Ariana Marie Rose will you do the honour of marrying me"? He asked and i was shocked and i blurted out " YES LIAM I WILL MARRY YOU" I said in tears. We hugged for a while then he pecked me cheek. I love him i wanna be with him forever now for the baby....



Liam's POV


She said yes! Gosh am i ever glad it would have been awkward if she hadn't! I love her and i wanna be with her forever but for now i have to focus on keeping her and the baby healthy. She is my world so this means everything to me. 

We left the restaurant about an hour later. When we got home we sat on the couch and started to watch a movie. She fell asleep on my chest during the movie an soon after I fell asleep. When i woke up she wasn't there. I panicked a bit then saw she was in the kitchen cooking breakfast. I was relieved that she was ok. " Liam stop freaking out ok I'm fine"! " I know but your my world and if i lost you i don't know were i would be" i replied. "Shut up" she said throwing bacon at me! So i threw it back. She started laughing. Man she has the cutest laugh ever! I heard the door unlocked and jumped in front of her and when i saw who it was I started screaming!!!!!

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