Ok so technecly I'm a 19 year old girl dating the mysterious Liam Payne but my life is flipped upside down when I get some shocking news


1. Shocking news

Liam's P.O.V

" Liam, Liam. LIAM COME"!!! " I'm coming hold on a sec". I said. I didnt understand why she was freaking out. But I finished my sandwich and went upstairs to where she was. She had a nervous look in her eye. I didn't get it. I had beer seen her like this. " What's wrong" I ask. " This" she said pointing to the sink. What the fuck did she mean. I looked into the sink and saw a pregnancy test. All I saw was her eyes start to drowned in tears but not tears of like being sad years of joy! I was going I be a father!
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