Ok so technecly I'm a 19 year old girl dating the mysterious Liam Payne but my life is flipped upside down when I get some shocking news


3. Let's see


"Ok are you ready " the doctor asked Ari. " I have to be don't I " she replied nervously. " Well you you do I suppose" he said with a chuckle. " Ok now just going to see how the baby is doing and how far along you are " he said as he but some big blob of gel on her tummy. He moved thus sort of mouse looking thing to try to find the baby. " Ok I found it, you are about 2 months along but I can't determine the sexe just yet, it needs to develop a little more so we'll wait till about month 5 to do so" he said. Wow this was real, I was going to be a dad, I hope the baby is a girl, and I really hope that she will look like her mom, with her beautiful aqua blue eyes rimmed with green, they are to die for--- " Ok so your due in around late April beginning of May " the doctor said again interrupting my thoughts. " Ok so when I can tell if it's a boy or girl would you like me to tell you" he asked. " Um.... YES". " Ok let me just write that down... Ok got it and would when would you like for our next appointment to be"? " In one month" she answered. " Ok well your free to go" he said
"Ok thank you" we both said as we walk out the door.

* later that day


I can't believe this is acctually happening! I am pregnant! I'm So thrilled I can't wait for it to arrive. I really hope it's a girl. I don't know why but I just know that Liam really wants a girl. " Ok sweetie where do you wanna go eat " he asked. " Um how about.... NANDO'S"!!!!! " Ok ok we'll go to nando's"! He said while laughing. He has the most amazing laugh! I love him so much. " Ok so for tonight I'm taking you out " he announced. " Ok where are we going"? I asked. " Now that " he said " I can't tell you". We finished eating and went back home. " Ok so be rest in 2 hours cause I'm picking you up" he said. " Mmm k" I replied " love ya see ya soon" he said . " Love ya too byeeeee"!!!

* 2 hours later


I knocked at her door. When she opened it have look stunning her make up done perfectly he brown hair curled to the said. But the dress she was wearing topped it off, It was white with a leaf belt comming right below her buss line. She look amazing. " You ready to go she asked"? " Uh yea sorry". But what she didn't know was that u was going to propose to her.


" Ok so what would you like to eat" the waiter asked. " I'll have the chicken salad with ranch on the side" Liam said. " And I'll have the steak medium well done please" I asked. Liam just looked at me. " Well what.. I'm getting a lot more hungry having two mouths to feed you know" I said. He just laughed. After we were done eating he took me to a park, under the stars it was perfect but the silence was interrupted by Liam standing up telling me to get upand then he got down on one knee and said " Ariana Marie Rose will you do the honor of marrying me?
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