Love and Loss

Amber comes to stay with her aunt for the summer and stumbles upon two brothers who lead a simple life. She falls in love with one, who turns out to be her summer romance. A sudden tragic event occurs, leaving all love an afterthought.


11. This Should Be Fun


We were at the register ringing up the margarine when Cole suddenly grabbed a chocolate milk from one of the drink coolers said "Oh, how could I forget?"

"Also, one chocolate milk for this lovely lady." He said handing the drink to the cashier.

"You are so corny." I mumbled while giggling.

Becca, the cashier, slipped the margarine and chocolate milk in a plastic bag that had 'thank you' written all over it. Cole threw Becca a five dollar bill and let her keep the change. We headed out the door, Cole reached to hold my hand, I pulled away.

"Just because I kissed you doesn't mean you're special." I teased while hopping on my bike.

He smiled a strange smile and replied "That's alright, just remember I have your chocolate milk." He hastily ran off on his bike with the bag dangling from the right handle bar.

My jaw dropped "You wouldn't dare!" I pedaled out of the parking lot and chased after him.

Our bikes skidded in the driveway, leaving dirt whirling behind us. Cole ran off his bike and staggered up the porch steps, trying to catch his balance.

"No!" I shrieked as I saw Cole twisting the cap to my chocolate milk. I jumped on his back trying to prevent him from drinking it but I tackled him to the ground instead. The chocolate milk splashed upwards and all over his face and shirt.

Cole's mom came out to the porch to see what all the ruckus was. "Thirsty?" She laughed and picked up the plastic bag, then went inside to start dinner.

"I am so sorry." I apologized to Cole, trying to hold back my laughter. I lifted myself off of him.

"It's fine. We're going swimming anyway. Come on." He grabbed my hand and led me to the lake outback. This should be fun.





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