Love and Loss

Amber comes to stay with her aunt for the summer and stumbles upon two brothers who lead a simple life. She falls in love with one, who turns out to be her summer romance. A sudden tragic event occurs, leaving all love an afterthought.


7. The Ride Home


Ryan opened the trampoline net for me and I struggled lifting myself. He reached out for my hand and pulled me up. Cole climbed on the trampoline, they starting jumping instantly. I went along with everything and jumped with them, my hair bouncing in the air with every jump.

"Who wants to play popcorn?" Cole asked with a sly smile.

I raised my hand and laid in the middle of the trampoline, hugging my knees to my chest. Ryan and Cole were jumping so roughly, I was flying everywhere. The game started to get intense and I was thrown around violently. My arms broke free and I flopped flat on my back, laughing. Ryan and Cole took their turns, Ryan broke easily within the first jump.

"Boys, it's getting late. Why don't you take Amber home? She can come back tomorrow if she wants." Said the boys' mom.

Cole fetched me a warm hoodie to wear as Ryan ran outside to his bike. Cole and I followed Ryan outside.

"Hop on." Ryan said, patting the handle bars.

I shook my head, rejecting his offer and hopped on Cole's bike instead. He seemed to look upset because of this.

"Where are we going?" I asked, concerned as Cole drug me through roads and streets that weren't on the route to my house.

"We'll have more time to talk. Stalling is what I'm doing." He explained.

I laughed until I saw lightning in the distance and screeched. Rain started to drizzle over us and Cole pulled my hood over my head.

"Oh my god! We're all gonna get struck and die!" Cole said sarcastically in a girly voice while swiveling in a zig zag motion across the road, trying to frighten me. Cole and I seemed to be the only ones laughing, Ryan was being a debbie downer.




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