Love and Loss

Amber comes to stay with her aunt for the summer and stumbles upon two brothers who lead a simple life. She falls in love with one, who turns out to be her summer romance. A sudden tragic event occurs, leaving all love an afterthought.


1. Private Property


On the small, wobbly bridge I sat with my feet in the water. I could feel the cold pebbles that laid upon the dirt at the bottom of the creek floor against my tiny feet. I was hunched over, reading my book, The Last Song. I swayed my feet back and forth through the pure water, listening to the crickets. I folded the right corner of the page I was currently reading and closed the book silently, then sat it beside me. I leaned back and perched myself on my elbows, the tips of my light brown hair just merely touching the squeaky bridge. I stared at the night sky, then at the beautiful nature that surrounded me. The full moon fascinated me, it produced just the right amount of light. The trees were covered in an abundant amount of gorgeous green leaves, tall grass disguised the creek. It was a hidden paradise to me, I stumbled upon the place when I was out exploring the roads a few days ago. Ever since, I've came here every day to read.

I breathed in the warm summer air and closed my eyes. I soon heard rustling in the grass and tensed up. I sat up straight, gripped my flip flops that sat beside me, and picked up my book. I was expecting some sort of wild animal to pop out and eat me alive. The rustling became louder within every second that passed by. The wall of grass in front of me was parted in half by two manly hands. I backed up, preparing to run. A boy with dirty blonde hair and brown eyes revealed himself from behind the grass.

"This is private property. What are you doing out here? I know, you're the one messing around with the shed out back, aren't you?" The tall boy said in his hoarse voice.

I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn't even know this place was private property, there were no signs telling so. He was acting really rude about the situation. I didn't even know what shed he was talking about and he just aimlessly thought I was the blame for whatever happened.

I stared at him and shook my head. I swallowed and backed away from the bridge slowly. I turned around and ran as fast as I could with my flip flops and book in my hands. I didn't actually know where I was going, I was just running until I was out of sight. Out of sight from him. I ran through a vacant domain of grass, I could feel the cold dew in between my toes. I started to run out of breath and my side was beginning to ache. I figured I wasn't far enough so I picked up the pace and pushed myself to run further. 

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