Love and Loss

Amber comes to stay with her aunt for the summer and stumbles upon two brothers who lead a simple life. She falls in love with one, who turns out to be her summer romance. A sudden tragic event occurs, leaving all love an afterthought.


9. He's a cutie


"Whose hoodie is that?" My Aunt Marie asked me from the kitchen table with her mouth full when she saw me folding Cole's hoodie that I had just taken out of the dryer.

"Cole's" I said, placing the warm, folded hoodie on the top of the dryer.

"He should be picking me up soon, I think we're going swimming." I said, stealing a piece of bacon off Marie's plate.

I was still chewing my bacon when I heard a knock at the door.

"I can't wait to see him!" Marie whispered as she clapped her hands with excitement.

I laughed and swallowed my food, then opened the door, revealing Cole.

"Hi, I'm Amber's aunt. You can call me Marie. So swimming is the plan for the day?" Marie asked, shaking Cole's hand.

"Yup, pretty much." He replied nervously.

I smiled and handed him his hoodie, we were just about to walk out the door when Marie jerked me backwards and whispered "He's a cutie."

"I know right!" I said, smiling as I walked out the door, holding Cole’s hand.


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