Love and Loss

Amber comes to stay with her aunt for the summer and stumbles upon two brothers who lead a simple life. She falls in love with one, who turns out to be her summer romance. A sudden tragic event occurs, leaving all love an afterthought.


6. Dinner


"That's not fair though! I won so I get to sit next to Amber!" Cole whined, shoving Ryan out of the chair next to me. I tried my best not to laugh but then their dad started yelling at them and Cole ended up sitting with me at dinner.

I discovered a lot during dinner. Their mom stays at home while their dad builds houses. No wonder why their house is so nice. They own 7 chickens and a dog named Duke. A yellow lab, my favorite breed. The boys spend most of their time on bikes and helping their dad. I shared some of myself with them also. I told them my name, Amber May. Their parents seemed to be impressed that my favorite hobby was reading.

I finished dinner and stood up from my chair to go to the sink and rinse off my plate and silverware.

"You're the guest, I got this." Ryan said, smiling as he gathered my dishes.

"Do you need help with the dishes Mrs. Patton?" I asked, I didn't want to seem rude or make a bad impression.

"No, thanks hun." She said in return.

Cole stood from his chair and walked his dishes to the sink as he awkwardly said "So Amber, wanna go watch a movie or something?"

I could tell he wasn't a real ladies man, he was so awkward. Maybe he was just nervous. I nodded and he led me upstairs to his room. I fell back onto his squishy bed and observed the bedroom. His walls were tan and his comforter was camouflage, he had baseball posters covering his walls. Binders filled with baseball cards were occupying the shelves. He had a wooden dresser at the far end of the room, a TV was resting on top of it. Just a simple room for a simple boy.

"Wanna see my baseball cards?" He said excitedly as he reached for one of the many binders on his shelf.

"Yeah, let me see em." I replied with a smile. I couldn't care less about his baseball cards but I always think it's cute when boys share their interests with you.

He placed the binder on my lap. I flipped each page gingerly and slowly, making sure not to destroy any of them. He had a story about how he got each one and how much value they have. I nodded my head as I pretended to care.

"Hey guys! Let’s go night swimming!" Ryan shouted as he barged through the doorway and jumped on the bed barefoot. I could feel the springs bouncing from inside the mattress.

"No, Amber doesn't have a bathing suit. Go away." Cole replied.

Ryan frowned "How about the trampoline?" He suggested.

"No, g-"

"Please!" I begged Cole, giving a puppy dog face.

Cole gave in and we all ran out the back door and to the giant yard. These boys had everything. A go cart, a pool, a trampoline, a volleyball net, and bikes. All I ever did at home was read, I'm such a loser.


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