Child's Play

It's nothing to do with the movie Childs Play.

Isla Giusti is a normal girl. With a normal childhood. Or so it seems....

First book in "Her Life" series.


4. Chapter 4.

I’m crying. My parents lay on the bed, motionless. They’re still alive. I know it. They have to be. It replays in my head.

My father trying to be brave. My mother screaming. The brutal attack. The blood spattered windows. Scruff lying on the floor. They’re gone. They can’t be gone. I hear a ringing in one of my ears. The other ear detects a police siren. It’s getting louder. It’s getting closer. Then it passes. It circles round the block a few times. Then it pulls up. My parents’ window is open. I scream. There are voices outside the window.

“Sir, there no one here.” I scream louder. “Hold on.” It goes silent. I scream again. “There’s someone in here!” I’m right next to the window. I can see them looking for a way in. My only hope is that they are real police. The closest man looks straight at the bloodied window. “Guys, over here!” they’re staring at the window. He picks up a brick.

“Sir, what are you...” He smashes the gate. He keeps hitting the lock. It breaks. He runs in. I can hear him asking for his boss’ permission. All he has said is “Be Careful” He runs up the stairs.

“Hello? Anybody here?”

“Yes! Yes, I’m in here!” I shout, straining my voice. He walks in pointing a gun. I flinch.

“Hey, chill, it’s ok. I’m here to help.” He looks around the room and sighs. Then he unties my ropes. He touches my arm. I scream. Police are entering the room but I’m still screaming. I sink into the corner of the room. He’s trying to calm me down. “What’s your name?”

“I..Isla.” I say, breathing heavily.

“That’s a cool name; I’m Jacob, or Jake. You ok?” That’s a stupid question. And he knows it. “Bad question, I know, but still, you feel ill? Cold? Warm? Tell me and I’ll sort you out.” I nod. People are rushing in and around the room. Taking photos, making notes. They take my parents away. I know this is it. This is the end. No 11 year olds ever get adopted. There’s no school for orphans. That was it. My life and education. Over. Jake looks as though he has something to say, but can’t put it in a nice way. He walks over to me. I’m wearing his jacket still.

“Well, the doctors said your physically fine. But unfortunately you’re going to have to come with me. I’ve already called three... orphanages” He struggles to get the word out. “And one has responded. You’re allowed to take anything you want from this house and you’re allowed to take as many things as you want. Start packing and I’ll drive you there in 20 minutes.” He smiles and walks off. I walk to my room. I start packing. My stuffed animals. My cameras. My photos. My clothes. Soon it’s all packed. Jake walks in and takes me to his police car. Being in a police car is supposed to feel cool. But not for this reason. It’s a long and awkward ride, and when we get there, it doesn’t look worth it. It’s old. Creepy looking- like a haunted house. A strange woman speaks to Jake before she ushers me inside. I wave as long as I can to Jake. Maybe he’ll come back for me.  

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