1) Inseperable

Aliya Smith was considered one of the luckiest girls in the world: She was dating Liam Payne from One Direction, and Liam fell head over heels for her.

Now that they have been dating for 3 years, they are the most popular couple in the world! The best part is, Liam made the most romantic move ever: He moved to America just to be with Aliya! Now they have most of their concerts in North America, but when their manager requires that they go on a tour all around the world, and Aliya can't get out of school, Liam is afraid of ruining their relationship.

Will Aliya leave school, will Liam quit One Direction, or will they both move on?


53. What to do?

Ellie's P.O.V

Both of them, Harry and Liam, were bruised and bleeding. Why weren't they telling us what happened?! It seems like they have been keeping a bunch of secrets... Niall and Louis helped us fix them both up, wrapping bandages and putting on band-aids. "So... are you going to tell us what happened?" I leaned against the counter, crossing my arms across my chest. "Um... we told you... nothing happened, just a little fight." Liam said, acting a bit jumpy. "Really, because if it was nothing, neither of you would be bleeding!" Aliya yelled. "Why are you so mad?!" Harry asked, rubbing his arm. "Because!!! You guys have been keeping secrets from us!!!" Aliya screamed, then face-palming herself, muttering, "I'm sorry." She started to walk off, while Liam, Harry, Zayn, Niall, and Louis exchanged some deciding looks. I grabbed Ali's arm, pulling her back. "Stay. None of us are leaving until we get some answers." I said loud enough for everyone to hear. 

"Can we at least sit?" Louis pleaded, making the puppy-dog face. "And get food?!" You can figure out who that was...:)

"Fine, but now!!!" Everyone either got food or got settled on the couch. "Ok, so explain..." I crossed my legs, staring Harry straight in the eye, and to be honest, e looked kind of scared. But, I guess I was a bit intimidating... "Well. um... Simon said..." Harry mumbled the rest. "What are you saying?!" "Simon told us that we have to go on tour!!!" "Yeah, we already know that." Aliya rebutted. "Yeah, but we are going to be gone for a year." Niall said while biting down on his sandwich. "Again, you already told us that. What else?" 

"Um... well..."

Aliya's P.O.V

Liam grabbed my hand, staring me in the eyes. "Matthew... is um... he..." "Yes, I saw Matthew today, but what about him?" "He is after you.. um, girls." My jaw dropped, and I think Ellie was staring at him like he was crazy. Elaina and Lindsey were just standing there, probably kind of confused. "Excuse me?!" "Remember yesterday when we were having that early Friday night party, and you caught me in that room with Sophie? She had me pinned against the wall, and she... threatened me. And at first I wasn't scared... but then, she said she was going to um.. kill you. And..." "Are you serious?!" "Would I say this if I wasn't?!" Liam yelled pretty loud; I looked down at my feet. "I'm sorry." I could hear him mumble. 

"What do we do?" I looked up at him. Everyone else was just sitting there, silent, acting like they didn't notice anything. I was scared, and I guess Liam noticed. He moved my hair behind my ear, then said, "I do't know, but this is why none of us want to leave."


Sorry it's so short!!! Will update more tomorrow! But I hope you like!!!

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