1) Inseperable

Aliya Smith was considered one of the luckiest girls in the world: She was dating Liam Payne from One Direction, and Liam fell head over heels for her.

Now that they have been dating for 3 years, they are the most popular couple in the world! The best part is, Liam made the most romantic move ever: He moved to America just to be with Aliya! Now they have most of their concerts in North America, but when their manager requires that they go on a tour all around the world, and Aliya can't get out of school, Liam is afraid of ruining their relationship.

Will Aliya leave school, will Liam quit One Direction, or will they both move on?


14. Just Another Friday

Aliya's P.O.V

As I walked into Ellie's apartment, I found her lying on the couch watching T.V. 

"Gotta secret,

can you keep it

where this one is safe.

Gotta lock it

in a pocket

takin' this one to the grave.

If I show show you

then I know you

won't tell what I say.

Cause' two can keep a secret

if one

of them is dead!"

Can you recognize that show?

"I love that show!" "Oh, hey Aliya! What's up?" Ellie turned off the T.V. and sat up. "Oh my parents are here. And they are being total jerks with Liam." "Can I meet them!?!?" "I'm not sure you would like them. They aren't very welcoming." "Sooooooo....... Come on!" "Well, I was gonna make some dinner and invite everyone over. Oh and by the way, you are coming with me on Sunday." "I am not going to their concert!" "You are coming with me, Ellie!" Ellie was mad, but quickly got over it.

"So. Will you help me make a dinner for a bunch of people?" "Let's go!"

As we walked into mine/Liam's apartment, apparently Liam had already started dinner. "Trying to make a good first impression, are we Liam?" "Ellie! It's nice to see you again! And by the way, I am already off on the wrong foot." We were all laughing like hyenas. 

"So watcha making?" "Some pasta" "I can order some pizza, too. I am inviting everyone over." "OK. But what's the plan for the rest of the week?" "Well on Sunday, you have a huge concert! What time is it anyway?" "7:30" "OK. And Monday morning, my parents are leaving. Then Tuesday, we have the day off, and then on Wednesday, I start school again." "Your not moving into a dorm, are you?" "No! Of course not! But now I have to call everyone and tell them to come over. Liam, can you order some pizza?"

I walked over to the couch and started calling people.

"Hey, Zayn!" "Hey. Niall...." "OK so..... Louis."

The list went on and on. After about half an hour, everyone started arriving. But of course, my parents were the first ones here. Thankfully, that meant they would leave first!!!"

"Hello, Liam." "Hello, Mr. Smith." "Oh please call me Dayton." It was obvious that mom was making him say this. Liam looked over at me for some answers, but I shrugged, just as confused as he was.

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