1) Inseperable

Aliya Smith was considered one of the luckiest girls in the world: She was dating Liam Payne from One Direction, and Liam fell head over heels for her.

Now that they have been dating for 3 years, they are the most popular couple in the world! The best part is, Liam made the most romantic move ever: He moved to America just to be with Aliya! Now they have most of their concerts in North America, but when their manager requires that they go on a tour all around the world, and Aliya can't get out of school, Liam is afraid of ruining their relationship.

Will Aliya leave school, will Liam quit One Direction, or will they both move on?


42. Disturbing

Liam's P.O.V

We were interrupted by the doorbell ringing. Ali quickly got out of bed, pulling on leggings and a sweatshirt. I ran downstairs to answer the door, quickly giving Aliya a kiss on the cheek on the way. What a nice way to spend 20 minutes!

I opened the door to see Harry, Zayn, and Sophie. "What were you two doing?" Harry said, being is weirdo self. I looked down and realized that I only had my jeans on. "Shut up." I punched him in the arm. Wow, why did Sophie have to see me like this? My 6 pack is so intimidating! XD, jk!

I ran upstairs as Aliya walked downstairs, her hair tied up in a ponytail. "Nice job, Liam," she said jokingly. I stuck my tongue out, but she probably didn't see it.

Aliya's P.O.V

I followed Harry, Zayn, and Sophie back out the front door and into the pool. "Aren't you going to wear a bathing suit?" Sophie looked at me disgustedly. I wanted to say "Keep the attitude to yourself, bitch!" but that would be mean! ;) I just jumped into the pool, sweatshirt and all. Zayn and Harry jumped in after stripping down to their bathing suits. Sophie layed sunbathing on one of the pool chairs. Harry signaled for me to get on his back for a piggy back ride. I jumped on, ruffling through his hair. I didn't mean it flirtatiously, he was like my brother. "Don't touch the curls!" "Pushy!"

Liam came down in his swim trunks jumping into the pool, pulling me away from Harry. "No one touches my girl!!!" He wrapped his arms around me and held me close, resting his chin on my shoulder. Ellie came with Lindsey and Louis, Niall arriving later. We sat in the pool for about and hour, then we all went inside. 

Lindsey, Ellie, Sophie, Zayn, and I were watching a movie: The Hunger Games :). The rest of the boys went somewhere around the house. When the movie was almost over, Zayn wandered off, probably going to hang out with the boys. After a few minutes, Sophie went to go I don't know where. The movie ended quickly; I got up to go to the bathroom. I walked into the  guestroom, which is where I think the closest bathroom was. As I entered the room, I saw two figures in the corner of the room. At first I thought it was Sophie and Zayn, since Sophie wasn't with us watching the movie. I didn't want to snoop, but I was curious why they left the door open.

As I walked closer into the room, I realized it wasn't Zayn; there was no quiff! So if it wasn't Zayn, who was it? I walked in a little closer, and a small screech escaped my mouth as tears rolled down my face. It definitely wasn't Zayn...




It was Liam. I wanted to break down right there, but I decided to do something more "subtle." I pulled the ring off my ring finger and threw it at his head. I guess having good aim does something. 

I ran out of the room covering my face as tears spilled out of my eyes. I had no idea where I was going until I ran into Zayn. I immediately fell onto my knees.

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