1) Inseperable

Aliya Smith was considered one of the luckiest girls in the world: She was dating Liam Payne from One Direction, and Liam fell head over heels for her.

Now that they have been dating for 3 years, they are the most popular couple in the world! The best part is, Liam made the most romantic move ever: He moved to America just to be with Aliya! Now they have most of their concerts in North America, but when their manager requires that they go on a tour all around the world, and Aliya can't get out of school, Liam is afraid of ruining their relationship.

Will Aliya leave school, will Liam quit One Direction, or will they both move on?


72. A/N

Hey! So, I was thinking... I am gonna post this on wattpad and I was wondering if I should keep posting on this site or not... idk i mean, more people use wattpad but I like posting on here. I will post this on wattpad, but only make it a bit better so you might wanna check that out so... luv you! Tell me what you think and um... ya :)

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