When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


6. The Dreaded Day

The dreaded day arrived, the morning wet, bleak and miserable which could be compared to the feelings crawling through both the girls’ minds at this point. Have you ever felt that you wanted to run away from home and live some where else? Well if you could even imagine living in these times (not that you want to) you would change your mind instantly. Heaving there bones reluctantly out of bed they both dragged themselves down the stairs and into the small kitchen the atmosphere around bleak and dull. Lucy appeared with red, puffy eyes putting her arm around Laura’s shaking shoulder to comfort her, Molly instantly grabbed the arm tightly and shoved it away.

“You keep away from us you monster.” She snarled. Molly’s Mother seemed astonished by her response but quickly responded.

“Young lady do not speak to me in that manner.”

“What you going to do, personally you couldn't be doing anything worse to me sending no wait banishing your own children from their home" Molly jeered,

“Do you really think I want to send you away? I love you both and this is for your own good.”

“No you don’t love us. If you truly loved us you would keep us here, I thought you would be that kind of Mum but I was wrong,” Molly screamed disgusted “Come on Laura we might miss the bus and what a shame that would be.” She grabbed Laura’s wrist and pulled her away without another word leaving Lucy standing hurt and speechless.

Once outside Laura gazed at Molly with desperate eyes. Molly looked back but said nothing she just ran not quite sure what was to become of them and especially not ready for what was to come.

Finally the bus arrived; as it did both girls gave a huge sigh of disappointment. The bus driver a strangely bleak, plain man took their tickets and let them on the bus with almost a sympathetic look on his face. His face showed so much guilt as he was the man to send these innocent children to their worst nightmare. They plonked themselves on the seats and took a look around them. The other children looked as mournful and weary as the two girls, there was no light in their eyes no life everything was just so grey! Many were red faced, puffy eyed and gasping and taking silent sobs their hands curled into tight fists so small they looked like they could disappear. Some just stared out of the windows, their faces blank as if they were in shock from what was happening to them. They were all thinking the same thing though, they were screaming, dreading, and hating all as one though who could blame them?

What seemed like hours but in fact minutes later the eerie silence was broken up a loud piercing screech. The girls froze in fear, Laura gripped Molly’s arm in terror and gave her the look as if she were about to die, Molly squeezed back hoping to comfort her sister but with no obvious effect. The siren screeched on and on but yet no one reacted till they heard it. The first bang of a bomb, the first shriek of the near dead, the first weep of the mourners. Molly winced and prayed sympathy to those who lost and then prayed for the same fate not to come to her mother even though she put them into this. Then they joined the shrieks of fear, complete strangers embraced fearfully and wept on each other. Laura sat paralyzed with fear the hold world moving but yet not disturbing her. Suddenly she felt a sharp tug on her arm; she looked up with wild, glaring eyes as if she was mad.

“Laura what you doing run you idiot!” Molly cried, but she became startled by Laura’s reaction. Her eyes were disturbing, her face twisted into a horrifying expression. Molly shook Laura’s shoulder

“Laura please listens to me, I know your scared I am to but you have to run. What would mum want, what would our dad want.” Molly pleaded. . Still Laura made no obvious show of moving.

“I want to stay here,” She whispered. Molly lost it she shrieked at her sister with all her might,

“ You silly brat of course you can’t stay here in the middle of an air raid, but of course that’s what you would do because your so stupid now get up before I slap you until you bleed!” Laura’s eyes changed from madness to hurt. Her mind raced with the knives of Molly’s insult. Her eyes welled with shining tears but she feebly tried to blink then away. She did not want to seem as a coward, she tried to protest.

“Molly I told you once I told you again I want to stay here” she paused in between every word to make her point clear. However Molly couldn’t take it any more lifting her hand right in the air she slapped Laura with all her might which sent Laura flying to the ground, crying with pain.

“There you see you stupid prat now get up and move!”

Laura wept as Molly yanked her out of the bus and into the terror filled street as others ran wildly trying to find some kind of shelter.

“Right we’ll have to head to the train station and pray that there's is a space left.” Molly explained as she wrenched Laura into a hazy sense of the right direction. Suddenly without warning a bomb whistled down from the sky and landed directly on the bus sending both girls soaring through the air. All the time Molly realised she still held her sisters hand. As they hit the ground Molly forced her head up but the needing for rest was to strong therefore her head sank back down to the ground, closing her eyes. Both girls didn’t seem to realise as many running feet kicked their sides, nor did they realise when a bomb hit close, but most of all they never realised when the shriek of their dying mother rang through the town, all they knew was that their was a nightmare revolving around them while their minds fought the yearn to shut down for ever.

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