When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


8. Tears

The dust fumed in the air. Molly choked hard from the dust waving her hands around in a weak attempt to make the dust disappear. Then she remembered.

“Laura you there? Maria!” She cried desperately. A groan came from in front, a hand pooped out of the rubble and waved feebly. Molly raced over to find her sister lying coughing like crazy.

“Laura! You alright? I was scared sick. Come on get up we need to find Maria.” Laura stumbled to her feet looking around anxiously for any sign of Maria.

“Maria, MARIA!” Laura screamed hoping she would get some kind of answer, she got none. Molly searched through the piles of rubble while Laura called Maria’s name over and over. Finally Molly found something, a bruised leg peeking out of some scattered rocks.

“I found her.” She gleefully cried. Laura started to limp hurriedly over towards them. Then Molly realised. She had moved the rocks and put out her finger on Maria’s neck to find a pulse, nothing. When she moved a rock from her chest it never moved. That was when she knew, a tear slid down her cheek as she stroked Maria’s cold hard one.

“Is she there, is she ok?” Laura cried who was still stumbling over toward them, towards Maria.

“Laura stop, don’t come here, get away, get away.” Molly pushed Laura so she did not have a view of Maria’s mangled, bloodstained body.

“What's wrong is Maria alright....? Molly are you crying?” she gasped. Molly never cried. In fact the last time Laura saw Molly cried was at her Dad’s funeral but surely Maria wouldn’t make her cry unless…

“NO!! She can’t be. NO MARIA!!” She wailed in agony and mourns. She arrogantly shoved Molly out of her way and frantically hurdled towards Maria bad or no bad leg. She flung herself to the side of Maria’s limp, lifeless body and sobbed. She didn’t stop sobbing for what seemed years. Then with hating, sorrowful eyes she gazed up at Molly. Molly was sickly pale and shaking. She turned to Laura, eyes brimming with tears,

“A bomb killed her.” She whispered. Laura nodded her eyes sparkling with tears.

“Ok.” Molly sighed. “Then that’s how I want to die.” Before Laura could understand what she meant she was out the door and standing in the middle of the road.

“BOMBS WHERE ARE YOU.” She jeered. Laura sprinted toward her and grabbed her by the shoulders pulling her back.

“Molly stop this you don't have to die.” Molly whipped round a horrifyingly, madly contorted expression on her face.

“ Maria’s dead, mother was a monster sending us away and so many of my loved ones are gone, I’m meant to be the strong one but I can’t do it any more Laura,WHY ME?! I don’t want to live any more.” She cried.

“Maria wouldn't want you to die you know that she’d want you to be happy.” Laura pleaded. But it was no use Molly was stuck for where she was. Desperately trying to save her sisters life she rang over to her and flung her arms tight so no one could peel off.

“Molly listen to me. I know your upset, I am to but do you truly want to die, really? Think of Mum she’s not a monster I was stupid for saying that, she’s are Mother and we love her. Do it for dad he always said fight for what the good want and you know what Maria would want. Do it for me your sister Molly please your right you are the strong one, you always have been and I can’t do this without you Molly, I need you. Please Molly, without you I’m nothing so do it for me Molly” She cried. Molly struggled frantically then slowly but surely dissolved into tears and leant weakly against Laura’s shoulder. She straightened her self up gulped bravely and whispered

“You’re right it is what Maria would want. But most of all I’m doing It for you Laura, my sister.” She squeezed her sister’s hand and linked with her fingers then lifted the hand to show Laura.

“Laura this is what we are, inseparable, promise me something.”


“Don’t ever leave me.” Laura nodded, now that was something she could promise.

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