When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


4. School

SMACK a harsh hand lashes Laura around the face SMACK there it is again “Come on Laura what’s the matter? Face hurt a bit oh come on get up already” Roxanne, grabbed poor Laura’s fragile, pretty face and yanked it to normal height, Laura whimpered

“Get of me please”

“Why do you give up? Maybe its because your a sneaky brat who seems to think she’s so much better than everyone else” Roxanne snarled cruelly as Laura hangs her head, then there’s a mighty Bang as the palm of her hand meets Laura’s head, the force so strong that it knocks Laura of her feet and hit the floor making her gasp with shock and pain. Roxanne cackles and runs off leaving Laura to sob and force her self up. She clears the blood that drips on her red swollen lips; she dares a look at herself, it’s not good. Her face is chalk white on one side but a flame red on the other from the slap. Her hair is tousled around her face in clumps which look like rats tails. She staggers out of the bathroom and into class almost in tears. She hangs her head praying her teacher doesn’t see the red marks. Thankfully she is ignored and the teacher continues with her lesson meanwhile Molly rages with anger, Roxanne sniggers cruelly, the class are torn from the fear of Roxanne to the sympathy of Laura while she weeps silently.

After the lesson Molly drags Laura to the bathroom and checks her face, her right cheek is still blood red, her lip is covered in crusty dry blood and her hair is straggled over her face.

“Oh Laura you have to sort this out surely you stand up for yourself these days!”

“I try Molly I really do but I guess I’m just too much of a wimp.” She sighed.

Molly shook her head sadly; she never could understand her sister. Why was she able to do so many things but yet her sister would not, it really infuriated her to the core. Tenderly she brushed and combed Laura’s knotted hair into shiny curls, washed and cared for her burning cheek until it was skin coloured and washed away the blood from her lips. She stepped back to admire her work sure enough Laura’s beauty was shining once more but Laura’s face was tear stained and sullen. Molly gently wipes away a tear then giving Laura a warm hug. Holding her at arms lengths smiling brightly, she tried to brighten the subject without much success by saying,


“Well look sharp you know what happens in the next lesson and we need to read it out” 

Laura looked round in despair “No no I can’t do it Molly I just can’t!” But there was no choice she had to.

In class, show and tell had started and Molly and Laura’s hearts were beating rapidly. As Laura entered the classroom Roxanne found it so amusing to trip her over but even this did not faze her for her mind was in a totally different place to her body. Seeing no reaction Roxanne snorted with disappointment then strode to her seat. Everyone knew that Laura had a very special show and tell but they were muddled by the subject of it seeing as both girls were being very secretive and would not tell a soul a single detail. Laura’s mind was praying to her body that she turn away now and not read this life changing story, her body was finding it very difficult to resist the yearning temptation. However it had been Laura who had been so determined to describe the adventure (I will come to that in a moment.)  That they experienced.  The teacher called Laura up,

“Everyone, Laura has a Show and Tell to read. You may also notice that we have Mrs Portman here. She is training to be a teacher and will be helping around the class.”

The thin, shy looking woman with golden hair knotted up in a tight bun and shining blue eyes behind thick spectacles gave a weak smile before bending her head again. Roxanne sneered cruelly before turning her attention back to Laura. However Molly looked highly sympathetic. Laura opened the book and started to read the small, neat handwriting with much stammer and effort

“I’m Laura and my sister is Molly we are 15 years old and for 3 years our minds have hidden a most extraordinary memory. This memory makes you shiver with horror and disgust. I’m sure you remember the war though you don’t want to, that was when it happened that’s when I and Molly’s lives changed forever.” Now I’m going to stop Laura there because what she is going to tell what I must tell for you.

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