When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


3. Remembering

Laura sat on her bed chewing the green pen lid impatiently. Giving a heavy sign she leant back onto her bed contemplating on what to write. How could it be so hard to describe about something she remembered so vividly? All of a sudden Molly’s head popped around the door.

“You having any luck?” Laura shook her head frustrated,

“I don’t understand Molly it’s just so difficult!” she cried. Molly giggled. Her sister was so stressed by this. Molly hadn’t seen any of Laura’s free time not spent on this.

“You never told me what you were writing about.” All of a sudden Laura froze. Molly was confused. What could it possibly be so terrible that Laura was so uncomfortable in telling her?

“Come on, it can’t be that bad.” Molly exclaimed, gently shoving Laura on the shoulder.

“But that’s the problem. It is.” She whispered

“Tell me!”

“Ok ok. I am writing about what happened 3 years ago Molly.” They just looked at each other for a while not quite sure what to say. Finally the door opened and the silence was broken.

“Hey girls, dinners on the table!” the voice boomed

“Yes Mrs Richards” they muttered trudging downstairs behind her.

After they had ate as much spaghetti bolognaise as humanly possible they whizzed upstairs into the bedroom and proceeded to discuss the school project which was happening the very next day. Molly groaned

“Why is it this hard? It’s not like I’ve forgotten what happened those years ago!” Laura shrugged. Suddenly her eyes sparkled.

“Molly, close your eyes.”


“Just do it!” Rolling her eyes Molly squeezed her eyes shut and waited. Laura snuck over to near the door and pulled down some loose wallpaper behind a desk of drawers. Sure enough there was her notebook. She had never told Molly about this so right now seemed the appropriate time. Carefully placing the wallpaper back on the wall she tiptoed towards Molly and sat down beside her.

“You can open your eyes now” she whispered. When Molly did open her eyes she gazed at the green notebook with an unnerving smiley cat on the front and was puzzled. How could this possibly be anything to do with the school project?

“This is my diary. Well it was until it happened then it became a journal of what happened. While it was happening and after or whenever I remembered things or other stuff.” Molly’s jaw dropped more and more as she heard this. How could she never have known? She took the diary from Laura’s hands and flicked through it. Suddenly a picture made her stop. A girl. Laura had written about her but had missed so much. She had promised that she wouldn’t say until…

Laura just kept on writing. Molly fiddled and yawned and stretched until finally Laura held the project up in triumph.

“I’ve finished!” she cried handing it to Molly. As Molly read and read from the booklet her mind started to flood with memories that she had buried in the back of her mind. The horrors and tears but yet the pure happiness when it had finished. However when she came to a chapter named Maria she flinched. This was so wrong!

“Hey Laura, could you get me a drink please. I’d love some lemonade thanks”

“Yea sure.” Laura strolled off smiling proudly from the project. As soon as she was out of the room Molly grabbed the pen and frantically began to write on some back pages. Everything went on to that paper. She forgot spelling, forgot the punctuation and just wrote. Her mind was whizzing trying to keep up with her hand. Finally just as footsteps creaked up the floorboards she finished. Quickly stuffing the pen under the bed she pretended to read. Laura entered just as she opened the book clasping a white and yellow tray which held two glasses of cloudy lemonade.

“Sorry it took so long. Joey was making a huge jug of this stuff and Tina wanted to play a game of hide and seek or blinds man buff.” she chirruped totally unaware of Molly’s sweating forehead or tense posture. Molly squeezed out a smile before putting the book down.

“I’ve finished reading It.” she replied.

“Was it good?” Molly found herself hesitating but quickly put in a small nod. As Laura went to pick up the project Molly stiffened. No, she couldn’t read it. Not yet. She grabbed the book from her roughly and stuffed it in Laura’s school satchel. Laura looked at her, startled by Molly’s reaction. Seeing her mistake Molly quickly gave a big smile and cheerily squeaked

“Err should we go play hide and seek with Tina. You know. Get our minds off things.” Her voice sounded stretched but after a seconds hesitation she nodded and stood with a hint of suspicion in her eyes.

“Yea sure.” she mumbled before walking out the door. When she was out Molly looked back for a second her eyes fixed on the corner of green poking menacingly out of the satchel looking at her. The beady black eyes of the cat snarling as if to say “What you got your self into Molly, and how you going to get out?”...

The next morning the girls were walking to school sucking on some sherbet lemon together when Laura stopped and broke the silence.

“She’s back today.”

“Huh?” Molly asked turning to her sister’s worried expression.

“Roxanne. She’s back from her holiday today.”  Laura’s voice was getting higher and higher until it seemed shrill as if she was screaming. Molly sighed

“Laura seriously you are going to have to stand up to her cause I am not doing it for you much longer you know.” Molly exasperated. In every school there is a bully. They take joy in making others hurt in either ways and unfortunately Laura had managed to make herself number one enemy of Roxanne, one of the meanest bullies known. A lot of the time Laura had ran to Molly asking her to help but of course when she was alone Roxanne took the even bigger advantage. Much to Laura’s delight Roxanne went on a 3 week holiday but today was her first day back at school and for sure she would be ready to take her hobby out on someone and most likely this would be Laura.

“Please Molly. You know I can’t stand up to her. Remember what happened last time I tried that?” Molly didn’t want to. Roxanne had been insulting Laura when suddenly without thinking Laura had screamed out a few insults of her own which were least to say pathetic. Long story short Laura ended up on the floor with blood trickling down her nose and her school belongings down a hill. Not one of Laura’s best days really. Since then Laura had been even less then confident when Roxanne was around.

“Why couldn’t you of stayed like you were when she first moved in? It was so much more peaceful!” Molly exclaimed gripping her hair in frustration. Laura raised her eyebrows.

“Somehow I think those days have been and gone Molly.” She grimaced, her mind wandering back to Roxanne’s first few weeks.

Roxanne had joined the class halfway through the 1st year and at that point had been a perfectly nice 11 year old girl. Her hair was tied into two neat brown plaits tied with a green ribbon to match the uniform. She had looked sensible and mature but somehow a bit energetic because of the glint in her eye. On the first day she had been sat next to Laura and surprisingly they became very firm friends. They sat with each other at break and lunch exchanging conversation on fashion or animals. They’d walk around the playground arms linked in totally there own world. However, nearing the end of the year Roxanne began to act strange. She tied her hair into more fashionable styles and tried to be hard, all of a sudden she would come into school wearing heaps of makeup and perfume. She’d be more and cheekier in class until she was really quite well known for being the big, bad girl.

One night Laura was walking home when she saw a young couple kissing in the park. Avoiding eye contact she walked past but when they separated she had to clamp her mouth shut. It was Roxanne but worst yet she was kissing Molly’s boyfriend Robert. The next day at school Roxanne had flown at her shouting and threatening to kill her if she told anyone. Laura had tried to tell Molly but Roxanne was too terrifying and because she was still sitting next to her she would dig her fingernails harshly into the back of her hand and snarl

“You dare say a word Laura Crockett and I swear when I have finished with your sister she will never want to go into public again with the scars I’ll give her!” If she hadn’t threatened Molly but her self then Laura would have told straight away, but Molly was too precious to her and Roxanne would watch her all the time so there was no point in trying to tell someone secretly. Laura never told a soul and to that day all Molly knew is for some random reason Roxanne started to hate Laura and she could never understand why. When the school was bombed at the beginning of the 2nd year Robert was killed along with 3 other students. Roxanne’s sadness meant she bullied Laura even more so know one would notice. Despite everything Laura couldn’t help but feel pity towards Roxanne even though she did all she could to make her life hell. However even though she felt pity Laura still dreaded coming to school. She knew that every day Roxanne hunted her out like a hungry lion in search for its prey in such a way that now Laura saw school in some of her deepest darkest nightmares. And somehow she knew through out of all Roxanne’s hate and bullying there was still the girl who she had linked arms with, still the girl who she whispered secrets to and because of that Laura could never truly hate her. Not really...

“Hey Miss Daydream. Wake up” Molly shouted laughing as Laura jumped, looking startled. It turned out Laura had been day dreaming about Roxanne so long that they had reached the school gates already and Molly was trying to take Laura out of her flashback trance. Suddenly Laura felt sick with fear.

“I can’t do it Molly.” Molly gave a groan.

“Oh come on Laura.”

“I feel sick”

“Going in now...”

“My leg hurts”


“Molly please!” This sudden cry made something inside Molly spin around. Behind her tears were shedding from Laura’s cheeks and her eyes were scared. Stepping forward Molly wrapped her arms around Laura and embraced her, stroking her hair.

“Hey, it’s ok. Is it really that bad?” When Laura didn’t answer but instead with an even bigger sob Molly held her at arms length and frowned.

“What's happened? What did Roxanne say?” Molly started to feel her temper boiling up inside her.

“It’s about...” Laura was about to tell her when Roxanne threats screamed in her mind “When I have finished with you sister she will never want to go into public again with the scars I’ll give her!”  She gazed at Molly’s delicate face and found her eyes picturing her with scars and blood dripping from her nose. She couldn’t do it. Instead she shook her head wearily. Molly kept looking at her but finally gave in and took her hand.

“You ready for it?” she whispered. Laura only nodded because she did not trust herself to speak. As soon as they walked past the gate Molly was surrounded by her friends. The ‘popular’ people as they were called. Laura was pushed away dismissively. Sadly watching her sister walk into school Laura knew she would have to go through this like she did every single day. Alone...

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