When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


12. Memories

As they ran the 2 miles that there were to their destination their minds whizzed with emotions, some of which were a whole knew experience and some which were most definitely well known in their hearts. Laura, who was still quite unsure of the reason that they were running so frantically was bombarding Molly with questions but had got no where because Molly seemed to be in a world of her own apart from when she would tell Laura to speed up.  What she had seen in that moment of unconsciousness had seemed so real but how could it be. Had her mother and grandfather really contacted her from their graves or was she going mad. She did not know but something in her gut told her that she should. Even if it had all been in her imagination then surely what was wrong with visiting the house that held a family history?

Laura was concerned about Molly. Her sister’s eyes were glazed over and a great line was embedded in her forehead but yet she ran with such great determination and concentration that she seemed desperate. Laura didn’t understand what it could possibly be and she knew she couldn’t ask because Molly looked like she could snap at any moment. The house was just a street away and Molly did not look like she could take the memories of their mother. She shook her head and turned her head forwards again. She had to stop the scream ripping from her throat. In front of her was the house at the end of the street and in front of it stood about 20 workmen? They were surrounding a box and taking things out of it. Around 20 metres away stood a man over a box with a lever positioned ready. Laura only got a small glimpse but it was enough. Explosives. They were going to destroy what was left of the house.

“Molly! Molly! “Laura shrieked for all her might at her sister. Woken from her daze fantasy Molly scowled in annoyance but then heard her sister scream again. The waves of panic made Molly turn around and she was horrified to see Laura with a stricken face pointing a shaky finger behind her.

“What is it Laura? What’s wrong?” When no response came she turned to the direction that Laura’s finger was pointing. Then it was her turn to scream. Heart pounding, she sprinted towards the men and without really thinking she grabbed the explosives and ran ten metres before throwing it as far as she could. Not far enough. It detonated sending Molly through the air and landing on the rubble. As she blacked out all she could hear was the shouting of people and the screams of her sister...

For Laura it seemed as the whole world had simply come to a halt. Indeed, she could see the workmen running and shouting at each other, she could see the huddle around where Molly lay and hear the hushed whispers that travelled through the air. She was vaguely aware that her shoulder was being shaken gently and a calm voice was asking her questions. Putting her mind into focus she tried to concentrate on the man speaking to her,

“Are you alright? Is that girl your friend? What’s your name?” So many questions thought Laura. Instead of answering the question she headed towards the crowd and pushed herself to the front. She knelt beside Molly and began stroking her hair. She felt the screams and the sobs building up but it no way was this going to help Molly. She raised her head to the work men and enquired,

“Is she going to be alright?” She asked desperately. The same man from before pushed himself to the front and squatted beside Laura

“Of course she is. She’s just unconscious from the fall and her heads a bit bruised. But she needs a place to rest.” He replied. Laura nodded. This seemed to please the man and he continued.

“My name is Peter. Peter Rickshaw. I live just on the next street. My two sons are staying in the country with their grandparents so I have two beds spare if it’s alright with you?” Normally Laura would have said no but she was tried and her leg hurt, she really did not have the strength to say no. Anyway this man, Peter, seemed kind-hearted. She weakly nodded her head. Peter grinned, lifted Molly up and signalled for Laura to follow him. Laura did as she was told but then quickly stopped to look around at where the men were getting back in their positions ready to finish the job they had started.

“Wait!” she cried to Peter. He turned startled.

“You have to tell them to stop!” She yelled.

“Why would I do that? That place did have a warrant to say it was not to be demolished but the woman who placed it has been confirmed deceased. It no longer has any protection.”

“That woman was my mother! Please, my sister needs to look for something in this house. Just wait until she wakes and tells me what it is.” She pleaded. It was no use; Peter shook his head and began to walk once more. Laura took one final blow at trying to save the house. She ran towards the workmen who were placing what was left of the explosive and stopped in front of them. Peter looked alarmed.

“What do you think your doing?” He cried

“So help me if you don’t stop them I will be jumping right into it.”

“You’ll get yourself killed!”

“We need this house! I’ll do it Peter. What will your children think if they know you were the reason I died?” That remark seemed to physically send Peter back a few steps. He stared at Laura shocked before facing at one of the workmen and signalling for them to stop . Sure enough the men grounded to a halt and Laura breathed a huge sigh of relief. Walking up to Peter she looked him the eyes with pure gratitude and simply whispered,

“Thank you”

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