When the Bombs Start Falling

World War 2 was time of Grief and Sorrow and I tell you a story of two sisters, Molly and Laura Wright who find that through this they can find something else...


11. Loss

Molly wandered back into the dining room clutching the chocolate. Laura was perched on the edge of one of the grand oak chairs biting her nails steadily. Molly grabbed her hand pulling it out from her jaw. Laura made a noise of protest through her teeth but otherwise did not resist.

“Stop doing that Laura. You’ll have no fingers by the end of the day.” Molly exclaimed examining the broken ones that had already been bitten. Laura just stared at the floor her other hand clenched roughly on her lap. Eyes full of concern Molly gently took the clenched hand and stretched out the fingers entwining them with hers. Laura’s hand remained cold and hard. Giving her the slightest shake Molly gripped harder hoping for some sought of reaction. Finally Laura lifted her head wearily as if it was to tiring to do so quickly. Her mouth moved as if to speak but no noise came. Molly watched curiously as Laura closed her eyes took several deep breaths then proceeded to try again. Although a hoarse croak, Molly could finally hear her sister,

“I’m sorry.” She whispered her tone guilty and almost pleading. Molly looked at her dumbfounded.

“Sorry for what?” she asked concerned by the way Laura seemed so keen for Molly to forgive her even though she didn’t know what for.

“I saw you looking at the photo in the kitchen. I’m so sorry for not telling you when I should of. About what was going on between Roxanne and Robert. I should of but I...”  Molly was stunned. Laura had known that whole time and not said a word? She soon realised that she must have looked pretty shocked because Laura started going into a panic forgiveness speech,

“I truly wanted to tell you but she said if I did that she would hurt you and I couldn’t let you get hurt. And when I nearly told you she gave me the scar and.”

“Stop! She gave you the scar. The one on your arm?” Molly cried. Laura nodded tears started to well in her eyes. She fingered her arm tentatively. Just a month after Laura had caught Roxanne she had gone to Molly determined to tell her what she had seen but at the last moment just before she could say anything Roxanne had interrupted, pretending that she was still best friends with Laura, linking her arm and saying she needed to tell her something. From there she had dragged her into the toilets and started to hiss menacingly into her ear,

“You were going to tell her weren’t you Laura?” Laura shook her head frantically. She tried to seem brave but her body was shaking like a leaf and she couldn’t stop the tears welling up. Seeing that she was upset Roxanne started to enjoy it more. Grabbing Laura’s wrist she pulled back the sleeve and slowly she stabbed her nail in and started to run it up her arm. Roxanne’s nails were sharp and Laura could not help but cry out in pain.

“Now then Laura lets get something straight here. You will stay quiet and not tell anyone and I will leave your sister alone. If you say anything then well,’ she dug her nail in harder “Lets just say this scar will be a little graze. Got it?” Laura nodded tears now streaming by the bucketful down her cheeks.

“Good. See you later Laura.” Laughing she ran off. Laura doubled over clutching her arm. She gritted her teeth together, willing herself not to scream in pain. After some minutes of crying she carefully pulled back her school blouse and took a look at her scar. It wasn’t good. Deep and long, the scar was bleeding and her arm had turned pink from the shock. Swallowing anxiously she turned and walked into the playground her head dizzy from the blood. Molly was the first to see her and instantly ran over. Seeing the scar she screamed loudly her hand covering her O shaped mouth. Robert came over and wrapped his arms around Molly but she shook him off and instead put her arms around Laura

“Right Laura we need to get you to Matron and fast, how did...?” her voice trailed off. Laura bit her lip. Could she? Looking over Molly’s shoulder she saw Roxanne glaring at her. Hesitating for only a moment she replied

“I slipped and fell on a piece of glass Molly, it scraped up my arm.”

Nodding Molly had lead her to Matrons where the scar was treated. It had been over a year since then and the scar was still red and bold. Laura had never told anyone one what really happened on that day since...

They sat in silence for a few moments there minds running through the day that had been. It had been indeed a day they wouldn’t forget easily even if they wanted too. Their thoughts were interrupted by the sudden buzz of the Radio that Laura was fiddling with. A loud brash man started to talk,

“Hello Great Britain. We now come to that time again. In front of me is the list of the deceased and missing. Please note that the missing are not yet confirmed deceased. The deceased are as followed:

Gregory Hansen, Mary Towitch, Sarah Field, Craig Sanders...” Name after name was read. Each one you could feel your heartbeat. They were both so aware that around the country people listening and praying that no one they loved would be read and they also knew that all over England people cried out every time a name was said. Molly could almost hear the cry of girls who had lost there siblings or fathers and mothers but all of a sudden the cry became very much real when she realised the cry came from Laura who’s face was in her hands.

“Laura what is it? What’s wrong?” she whispered ducking down as she tried to look at her in the eye.

“The name didn’t you hear it. The name Molly, it was her name.” she cried tears starting to flow. Although she knew Molly had to ask,

“Who’s name was it Laura, tell me.” She muttered. Laura slowly lifted her head from the cavern of her hands and gazed at Molly with pitiful, sad eyes.

“The name was Lucy Crockett Molly. Mum. Mum’s dead.”  Then the world went black.

“Molly, Molly...” there was a voice in the distance. No matter how hard Molly tried she couldn’t get it out of her head. She knew who the voice belonged to but it couldn’t be her. She was dead. She felt her heart tighten as she remembered. All of a sudden the voice came again

“Molly, Molly, can you hear me Molly? I want to talk to you.” It coaxed her and finally she turned and stood in front of her were two people. One was her mother standing elegantly in a white flowing dress with hanging golden beads. Beside her stood an elderly gentleman with silver hair that swept over like a mane. He looked magnificent in a white top and trousers, standing tall and straight even though he must have been over 80.

“Hello Molly. Are you feeling ok?” he asked his expression warm and friendly.

“I’m fine. Who are you and where am I? You can’t be my mother. She’s dead” Her mother smiled kindly,

“Do not fret Molly it is your mother. We are only asking you for a favour. Well my father is anyway.” Molly gasped. Her father? Did she really mean to say that this old man was her grandfather; the man who had died after his house had been bombed. He saw her confusion and laughed. Opening his eyes wide he explained with a cheery smile printed all over his face,

“Yes Molly I am your grandfather. You are probably surprised but I assure you it is me.” Molly was stunned. She wanted to ask so many questions but the straightest forward one seemed the most sensible at that point,

“”Grandfather what was the favour you wanted to ask me?” she asked curiously. Better for him to explain before she started to bumble.

“Ah of course. Well what has your mother told you about my well lets say... experience?” he queried, Molly squinted her eyes trying to remember all she could but seemed to only remember minimal things,

“I’m afraid to say not much Grandfather. Mother only ever told me about how you died two weeks after you were trapped in your home.” She replied. Jeremy nodded slowly before continuing.

“Well you see what you know is correct but your mother has indeed forgotten one important thing. When I lay on my death bed I asked your mother if she could try and find something for me. A diary. I wrote in it almost every day until I was rescued and you need to find it. My daughter unfortunately was unable to retrieve the diary and therefore the duty is passed on to you and your sister Laura.” Molly was too stunned to reply and just stood in a shocked silence. She glanced over to her Mother who at that point was looking at her feet obviously ashamed that she failed her task. Turning back to her Grandfather she spoke again,

“Do you by any chance have the smallest clue where this diary may be Grandpapa, if I may call you that, London is a big city?”Jeremy nodded his eyes misting over with memory.

“Really it should still be in the remains of my home still for I did not take it with me when I was rescued. The address is 49 Cherry Lane. Do you know it? The diary should be easy to find seeing as the rubble is still there under your mothers orders. You must find the diary Molly, a life depends on it” Molly nodded her mind still whizzing. Swallowing, she looked up at her Grandpapa and smiled before turning to give her mother a hug.

“I’ll miss you mama. I didn’t mean those things I said really.” Her mother held her tightly before replying,

“It doesn’t matter my sweet. It just makes me happy to know you’re safe. To me that is my joy. Tell your sister that I love her and go straight to Mrs Richardson’s house once you’re done. She will take care of you.” Molly tried to blink back tears. Mrs Richardson was a good friend of mothers but her ‘house’ as it was called was in fact an orphanage. Molly still hadn’t come to terms with the fact she was now an orphan. It didn’t seem real. Once she had finally let go of her mother she stepped back and nodded a signal to say she was ready,

“Goodbye” she whispered as the world around, her grandfather and mother disappeared forever...


Awaking with a gasp Molly sat upright sending Laura tumbling backwards. She blinked several times and considered pinching herself. Had that really just happened? Or did she dream it? She really wasn’t quite sure and spent the next few moments trying to figure out what had happened in the last few minutes and why on earth was she on the floor. After minutes of deathly silence Molly turned her head to see Laura’s eyes 2 inches from her staring into them intently,

“For heavens sake Laura what are you looking at?” she exclaimed startled by her sister’s sudden presence,

“You. I’m looking at you.” She replied quietly still roaming Molly with her beady eyes.

“Well yes I can see that but what ever for?” she cried. She was irritated now. There were more important things to be doing. Like 49 Cherry Lane.  Now why was that important again?

“Can’t you remember Molly? You passed out without any sort of warning. I was really quite frightened. Are you sure you’re alright? You came down with quite a bump? Molly? Are you listening to me?” In fact Molly wasn’t listening. Her mind was too preoccupied by the nagging in the back of her head telling her and indeed pleading with her to go to 49 Cherry Lane. The thing was all she needed was a reason for right now it seemed to make no sense. All of a sudden she was shaken vigorously and her head snapped up. In front of her was Laura looking concerned but also irritated.

“Molly! Will you listen to me please?! What ever has got into you all of a sudden?” she cried her temper starting to boil, something that didn’t usually happen.

“49 Cherry Lane.” Molly blurted before she could think of a reply. Laura’s temper instantly dissolved into confusion,

“Huh? I’m not quite following you.” Laura replied her eyebrows arched. What in the world was Molly talking about?

“49 Cherry Lane. Do you know it?” She asked, a drop of urgency starting to leak in to her speech.

“Yes of course I know it. What of it?” she asked her mind still thoroughly puzzled. Molly’s eyes were getting wider and wider with impatience and her speech was becoming more and more shrill by the moment, really quite alarmingly she started to shout.

“Well go on what do you know and where is it? Do you know the way? What...” Laura cut her short before settling her down onto a chair. She was now very concerned by Molly’s wild behaviour. Despite this she replied.

“Molly, 49 Cherry Lane is where Grandpapa and Grandmother lived with Mother before it was bombed. You remember the story we were told about our Grandpapa don’t you?” All of a sudden it dawned on Molly. Of course she knew why it was so important to her. How could she of ever forgotten? Breathing out in relief she quickly stood, pulling Laura abruptly up with her. Before she could go any where Laura grabbed her wrist pulling her back,

“Whoa, where you going?” she asked, keeping a firm grip onto Molly’s wrist.

“I’m going to 49 Cherry Lane Laura and I need you to come with me. I know you must be confused but you must come. Just trust me.” Molly explained still trying to pull herself from Laura’s steady grip. Laura shook her head

“Molly I’m not going out there. The raid is still going on and I can’t risk losing you as well as Maria and Mum. I don’t think I could bear another one.” Molly took a step forwards so she was level with her sister’s eyes which were frightened and shining.

“Laura we need to go. Please understand but we need to go. We need to find our Grandfathers diary. I know you must be confused but so was I and I’m telling you this is going to work.” Gazing pleadingly into Laura’s eyes Molly waited for a response. Laura’s mouth was gaping open and her forehead screwed up in concentration. Swallowing hard she finally replied stuttering and stammering all the time,

“I can get us there. I know the way. Come on.” And with that she stood, and ran for the door. Molly swung the door wide and they were both hit with the sights of an air raid in front of them. The air was grey from dust and a black cloud flew above them like a swarm of wasps hunting its next prey. They stopped for only a second while the pure horror hit them in waves as they took in the world around them, so different to what it had been that morning. Quickly recovering from the initial shock they both started sprinting, Laura leading the way to a place that held their family secrets, the key to unlocking their past, a place that would change their lives forever. 49 Cherry Lane was just on the horizon...


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